Michelle Obama

I need to sing; “Mi-chelle, ma belle, son les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble...”

What do you do when the wife of the man you're intent on destroying, beats your ass in public and doesn't even break a sweat?

The President hasn't set foot in the ring, hasn't even taken a swing yet and already Mitt's bloodied, and stumblin' around tryin' to pick himself up off the concrete where Michelle Obama knocked him. And she did it without even once mentioning Mitt Romney by name, or Ann Romney, for that matter (study out says Michelle's speech graded out at 12th grade level of reading compared to Ann Romney's 5th grade level).

Last night was just the first round. These were the warm ups, the practice punches. They handed Mitt his ass... laying off elves and outsourcing reindeer? Got to say, I love my ex Governor Ted Stickland.

To paraphrase current Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, “Mitt fixed a lot of things, but one of them was not Massachusetts.” Whoa, shaaaaaaaaaaaaaade!

Mayor Julian Castro and his equally fine twin brother, Lily Ledbetter, and that governor whose name I can't recall took turns pummeling the wannabe king of the world. They presented quite a contrast to that vanilla mess presented by the GOP last week, which falsely purports to represent the real America. Puh-lease!

Mittens says he wants to take back America, well judging from last night, he's gonna have to fight for it, if he can. He does have the money, but he has no heart, no passion, no understanding and no brain powering his cybernetic push forward to the White House.

And that is the difference. We ain't got no money, but we have heart and understanding of what will happen if we don't fight. It's as clear as the difference between tuna fish and pasta,  and potato chip sandwiches for dinner.

Can't wait for Bill Clinton tonight.

Vote responsibly in November.
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