More Lies Than Black People at the RNC

I gotta give it to Romney and Ryan. When it comes to brass balls, these guys hang huge.

Now that they have accepted their respective nominations for president and vice president, I have learned a few more things about this pair.

Romney/Ryan obviously think the American people are as dumb as elephant shit-that we walk around with a big fat “S” for stupid stamped on our foreheads in a perpetual sign of stupidity, easily read by anyone who wants to sell us something.

These masters of the universe would rather lie than tell the truth about their invisible plans for America and don't give a damn when even the mainstream media calls them on it.

I mean yesterday, nearly every major news outlet, including Fox called Paul Ryan a liar to his face, in no uncertain terms, didn't mince words, and Romney/Ryan looked back and said “So what!” It was no big deal. Apparently, the American people don't need the truth. The American people can't handle the truth apparently. And some of the darker portions of America apparently are incapable of understanding the truth, if you listen to Romney/Ryan.

So Romney had his big night last night to let us in on who he really, really is, and all I saw was the same ole white man I been looking at my entire fucking life. The same ole white man who still considers me a savage, who still knows better than I do what I need in my life and how I need to live my life. I saw the same ole white man who wants to control every single aspect of me, and fully expects me to sit there like a good little brown lapdog and take it.

The lies outnumbered the Black people at the Republican National Convention of Delusional white folk.

Despite the chants of “USA” there was no America present inside that arena, just a bunch of old xenophobics, their colored sycophants, and their young offspring being raised up to take their place in a bigoted but disappearing WASP social order.

To paraphase Kanye West; “Romney/Ryan still don't like Black people.” Hell, he don't like women or gay people either. Based on the various looks that painted his face in the cut aways, doesn't look as if he likes his kids or wife either.

People of Color and women serve only one purpose within the GOP and that is to make a magnificent stage presence every four years when they decide to lay claim on the White House, and it's the same old story, the lie of the “big tent” republican party.

There is no big tent. There is not even a sleeping bag on the ground for anyone other than white males. Been like that way since Richard Nixon.

The reason Blacks aren't republican anymore is policy. The policies of the Republican Party changed to the point where today, being Black and joining the GOP is the same as volunteering to stand in front of a firing squad armed with live ammunition, after the GOP assures you the guns aren't really loaded.

None the less, some are jumping at the chance, because being a black practice dummy for white folks carries big monetary benefits and notoriety, should they choose you to be their token. Much easier to fight for space among the few, rather than among the many who populate the Democratic Party. Ain't that right, Artur? Policy be damned..I'll take the money..right Mia? (Ouuuu, look Mattel's made Barbie in Blackface!)

To be sure, there are chocolate defenders everywhere, surrounding and protecting the masters of the universe out of the goodness of their conflicted hearts. But they are always marginal players, not playing any part in the big picture nor sharing in the real wealth. The money stays at the top. It's the Republican way, right Mike Steele, Kenny Blackwell? Anybody seen Alan K lately? Ijs

Romney/Ryan is once again selling “trickle down voodoo econ” but you can bet ain't nothin tricklin' nowhere. 

Romney/Ryan is selling NeoCon fantasies wrapped up in delusions of American exceptionalism, and Voodoo Economics cloaked in vicious Jim Crow bigotry. It's the Bush Doctrine on steroids, Nothing remotely compassionate or moderately conservative.

Buy at your own risk and vote responsibly in November.
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