Romney, Akin, Ryan, GOP War on Women Continues

Make no mistake about it, the GOP couldn't give a righteous damn about women or their birth control or their health insurance benefits. The only  problem with Missouri Congressman Todd Akin's statement this past weekend was its timing.

He made it during the republican campaign to take back the White House from the Black interloper named Barack Obama, at a time when the GOP is getting ready to once again codify misogyny and blatant discrimination into their party platform, next week during their convention in Tampa.

That is the only reason that Romney hypocritically disavowed it, or that all the two-faced bigwig republican money men disowned Akin, or that other  misogynistic Republican House members denounced him. They don't disagree with him in any way shape or form.

They just didn't like his timing. But they totally agree with him politically, and they are betting that women have such short attention spans that come November we won't give a damn about Akin or the Romney/Ryan "not even for rape or incest" stance either.

Notice that presumptive VP Paul Ryan is very quiet on the subject. He is allowing the “head” of his ticket to talk on the matter. Ryan can't say anything overt because he still believes the bullshit and voted along with 250 other House members to attempt to sponsor or pass into law some 67 measures designed to give government control over women and their bodies. For instance;

1. No Tax Payer funding for Abortion Act
2. Protect Life Act (Let women die Act)
3. Abortion Nondiscrimination Act of 2011
4. Respect for Life of Conscience Act of 2011
5. DC Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act
6. Ultrasound Informed Consent Act

Not one of these bills takes into account the well being of the woman or the circumstances under which she becomes pregnant. The only concern is for the zygote or cell mass inside her body, and only for as long as it is inside her body. Once it's born, screw it, literally. GOP policy. 

Raped....doesn't matter, unless the rape occurs at the hands of a doctor using an intravaginal probe...then that kind of rape is okay and legal, right? The republicans still plan to control a woman's right to choose even when she is raped or her health is at stake.

Akin has issued another apology, this one in the form of a campaign ad stating once again that he used the wrong words and really, really, really doesn't harbor any ill feelings against women in general, because after all, he understands how heinous is the crime of rape, and that he is the father of two female children.

Whoopie fuckin' deal...

It's not just Akin...it's Romney, Ryan and the whole of the GOP. It's also 16 blue dog democrats who consistently side with republicans against women. The war on women is real, coming from both sides of the aisle and from both parties. Time to send everybody a message.

Wake up women and vote responsibly in November.

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