Mitt Romney and the GOP Fakin the Funk

Watching the opening session of the GOP convention in Tampa was painful, but not in the sense that you would think. It was painful because it was obvious that except for his wife and kids, nobody really likes Mitt Romney.

Yes, they gave him the nomination. Yes, he will be their flag bearer and public face in this next election. But obviously, the GOP is not happy about it. Seems as if they really, really, really want someone else to sacrifice against the President.

For the most part, the applause was perfunctory. Oh, there were plenty of applause lines written into the various badly delivered speeches ( Ann Romney, accomplished public speaker...please), but most of the people simply sat on their hands and looked, well frankly, constipated.

Keynote speaker Chris Christie, who was supposed to fire up the crowd, waded through nearly two thirds of his 20 minute speech before evening mentioning the name of the nominee. Then he went back to the true subject of his speech-himself. What was he doing, preparing for 2016?

The whole room looked like it had been fed Ex Lax and whoever did it also locked the bathroom doors. Pitiful. Absolutely pitiful. The cut aways to the crowd were telling. Grim faces...obvious attempts to look like they gave a damn, when they don't. Sad. Truly sad.

I attended every single GOP and Democratic Convention from 1976 until 1996 and it was always a party, regardless of the political reality of the time. This one is bad. The delegates look as if they have given up, already, and they are not even trying to fake enthusiasm for good ole Mittens.

Maybe we should just give Tampa to Isaac, cancel the Democratic convention and move straight to the vote. Looks like we've already won, if last night's GOP fling was any indication.

Vote responsibly in November.
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