Dear Willard Mittens Romney

Thank you, but I don't need you or anyone like you protecting me or defining for me, what is racism in the United States of America.

I've lived on this planet for some six decades now and believe me, I know racism when I hear it. What Joe Biden said did not come close. It was not racial. It was not a slam against Black people.

Just because a bunch of Black people were in the audience and Biden used the word “chains” in a sentence, does not make it a reference to slavery.

Me thinkst thou doth protest too much, Mitt.  Kind of like straight people who have over the top reactions to gay people. They react in the way they do, because they are gay themselves and having trouble dealing with it.

By the same token, you can spot a racist in the woodpile by the way he reacts to certain situations too.

To date, you haven't reacted to any of the shit that falls daily from the mouth of republicans and teabaggers, in the four years since the Black man ascended to the White House. Shit that is blatantly bigoted, and so obviously offensive that even a two year old alien from another planet can recognize it for what it is.

So please, spare me the bullshit, Mitt. You've written off the Black vote. You've written off women and children. You've written off anybody who is not white, male and rich or married to white male and rich. You don't and never have given a damn about us. So find your balls, dust off your sheets and pointy hat and stand up for what you believe in, whatever that happens to be, since it changes everyday.

Just please, don't insult my intelligence anymore than you already have.

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