Priesse and Akin, Too Many Dumb Asses, Not Enough Time

I am so tired...bigots and the chronically ignorant, drive me up a wall and this week, we've got several from which to choose.

Spent the past couple of days dealing with the idiot from Missouri, Todd Akin, who apparently doesn't understand how pregnancy works, nor the difference between having sex and being raped.

Akin exposed for the clueless,  the general consensus thinking of the entire GOP. in that women can only get pregnant when they want to. Therefore they don't need contraception nor fertility help. It's all inside our body, just like those transvaginal probes they've been dying to stick into our birth canals. It's also up to government to protect idjit, and naive men from bad women who also routinely lie about pregnancy and how it comes about, thus entrapping the poor unsuspecting males with false claims of rape and paternity.

The GOP platform, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, will officially assume these ignorant positions next week during the Republican convention in Tampa.

At last word, Akin is continuing his run for the United States Senate, to which I can only say...please...please....send this fool packin!

While all this hoopla was going on nationally, here in Ohio, one of John boy Kasich's minions stuck his foot into his mouth, revealing the racism festering inside the State Capital.

Said Doug Priesse and Kasich advisor in an email to the Columbus Dispatch newspaper, about lengthening early voting hours to accommodate those who prefer to vote before the election;

I guess I really actually feel we shouldn’t contort the voting process to accommodate the urban — read African-American — voter-turnout machine.”-Doug Priesse

And with that stupidity tripping off his lips, Priesse shut down weekend early voting in Ohio. Statistics show early voting is a tool Blacks use to vote, since most are working during business hours, the only time to vote is on the weekends.

However, Kasich and his boys know that Blacks ain't necessarily turning out for his boy Mitt Romney, so they had to figure out other ways to suppress the vote. They came up with this one after other voter suppression methods were exposed and halted. It should be noted that Doug Priesse, in addition to being Kasich's chief advisor, is also head of the Ohio Republican Party.

The Ohio GOP has a history of voter suppression. You will recall the efforts of homeboy Ken Blackwell, who among other things stooped so low as to demand that only a certain type of paper could be used for ballots. It had to weigh a certain amount or it couldn't be counted. He did this while Secretary of State of Ohio. And of course, this was after he managed to “disappear” more than 200,000 black votes in Cleveland to give Bush the election in 2000. Blackwell attempted to screw with the vote in 2004 as well.

The GOP knows it can't win an election outright if people turn out to vote, so they do everything in their power to steal elections and they've gotten good at it, too.

The thing these two dumb asses have in common is that they exposed what is general thinking inside their party. They don't see anything wrong with what they did or said. It was just business as usual for the Republicans machine. The republican machine was not happy about being exposed, but again, they don't understand the error of their ways.

Vote responsibly in November

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