Mitt Romney the Great, More like Willard the Pussy

Well, let's see...Willard doesn't want to talk about his record at Bain, despite the fact that he claims to be a gud bid-ness man. And he wants to make his family off limits. And he doesn't want to talk about his record as governor. And, he still refuses to release his tax or financial records.

So what's left, the Salt Lake City Olympics?

The maybe gay kid, he and  his frat boys bullyed in high school?
His missionary work in France?
His reasons for not enlisting to fight in the Vietnam war despite being such a war hawk back in the day?
His recent trip overseas to demonstrate his ability to piss off foreign diplomats while taking talking points from the billionaire casino owner who owns him?

How about we talk about those $5000 Brooks Brothers suits you wear, Mittens? Would that work for you? Is the new car elevator in your summer home a good topic?

Or maybe we can discuss your wife's lame ass dancing horse that bombed in olympic competition last week?

There is a line in everybody's bible which says basically, “you reap what you sow” and what you sow you get back ten fold. Here in the ghetto we say, “don't start nuthin', won't be nuthin.”

You will recall that Romney won the GOP primaries by torching all his opponents-throwing massive and negative ad campaigns against them until they dropped out, one by one. Now he is getting it back. . He figured he would do the same thing to the President to win the election, because “we the people” are stupid like that.

To that end, he's raised more money than the President has beaucoup bucks to scorch Obama. But there is a problem.

There is not much to scorch Obama with. He's been vetted so much that all the new rumors and gossip are coming directly from the National Enquirer, thanks to that fool Jerome Corsi. All of the Romney ads are lies, even republicans are attacking Romney's attacks, calling them lies.

Willard, on the other hand, is apparently as dirty as the day is long. However his major mistake was thinking he could stand before “we the people” in all his white anglo mormon privilege and simply tell us, “no.” I'm not gonna talk about it. NO, I'm not gonna share it with you. NO, I'm not gonna give you the information that is expected when a man or woman runs for president of the United States.

I don't care that Romney is mega rich. But I do care that he doesn't think enough of us to treat “we the people” with respect.

He has the money. He assembled his modern day prick posse of big money bigots and expects to ride off into the sunset with the White House in tow behind one of his Mercedes.

I truly hope we can burst that bubble.

Surely the GOP can do better than Willard Mittens Romney.

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