MItt Romney's Blind Ambition Tour

I have to be honest, never, in all my years of political participation,  have I seen anything like this current campaign for President of the United States. I am at a complete loss for words about what has been taking place lately.

I thought I'd seen it all in 2008 with the McCain selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate. That move was straight out of Barnum and Bailey. It never rose to the level of Cirque to Soleil.

But here we are in 2012 and it's gotten ten times worse. We've gone from circus to Bizarro world. We've made a complete jump into another dimension. Hard to believe this stuff is going on.

The outright misrepresentation of the facts, wholesale lying and constant prevarication by the GOP ticket and RNC minions has my head spinning. I am totally dumbfounded.

The only visible goal is to destroy Obama and if that means destroying America in the process, then so be it.  Hatred is a mutherfucker, isn't it.

Because blinded by his obvious hatred of the Black man in the White House,  destroying America is what Mitt Romney tried to do a couple of days ago. He tried to slam the President while the President was doing his job as the world watched.

This fool tried to start World War III from the sidelines, or at the very least take us head long into yet another military fiasco in the Middle East, as a thank you to the rabid Jewish clown Adelson, who holds his leash and pays his bills.  Adelson is nothing more than a well funded terrorist on the Osama Bin Laden level, who buys politicians instead of bombs, maybe. 

To put it bluntly, Romney was wrong on policy, timing, and understanding. He fucked up. No other way to describe it. Romney's only driving ambition is to win the White House. He is totally blinded by his desire for power. Unable to see the falacy in his latest attack.

And once again, President Obama has been left holding the bag. A bag filled to overflowing with bullshit by some simple assed non understanding and bigoted Republican.

I have no doubt that my President will fix this situation like he's handled all the other problems left him by Dubya and the many of the same NeoCons who now advise the  clueless Romney.

I hope the American people have seen enough to send this fool back to Wall Street or Mormon Hell, because he has certainly proven to be as useful as a vagina on a man.

Vote Responsibly in November.

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