Mitt Romney for President of Half the People Some of the Time

Well it's official, Willard only likes half the population. From his own mouth, he says he likes those taxpaying hardworking individuals who make more than 250,000 dollars a year. Now bear in mind these folks are middle class folks, not rich like Mitt, and they, he says, also understand his policies and plans for America when he takes back the White House.

I have to admit that I don't understand that taxpaying thing. Mitt doesn't pay taxes, or he pays fewer taxes than most poor people. I just don't get that criterion. It's do as I say, not as I do. Oh well.

Full disclosure, I've always been part of the other half, you know, the ones that Mitt won't bother himself with, ever. I'm a woman-strike one. I'm Black-strike two. I'm lesbian-strike three. I do pay taxes. I'm a homeowner. Never been on welfare. Existed peocefully in corporate America when I worked there. I'm stable, sorta. Do gotta pre existing condition, but I am officially a senior citizen, complete with medicare. Those last two make it strike four and five by Mitt's tally, I would guess.  Don't qualify. 

It's pretty easy when you're born that way. You kind of know from jump that you're never going to get invited into the Oval Office, so there are usually never any misunderstandings, as long as you stay in your lane or ghetto, as it were.

Back in the day, bigots like Mitt wore their sheets outside, making them easy to spot when they come in the night. Today it is a bit more difficult to recognize them unless they get caught on tape being themselves amongst others of similar outlook and temperament.

But inquiring minds want to know...how does Romney tell which Americans are his constituents? I mean we all know Mitt loves him some white men and white women. They make up the GOP base, pretty much with one or two chocolate swirls thrown in for good measure, think Artur, Herman, and Mia.

But statistics show that most white men and women also don't pay taxes, also get some kind of government stipend, ie social security, food stamps, medicare, medicaid, veterans benefits, survivor benefits, etc.

It's not just Black and brown people...It's ya'll, too.

So, basically none of us are gonna be governed by President Romney unless we can manage to make it into his personal tax bracket which he doesn't honor. Are there enough rich white guys to make up half of the American electorate, to get him into the White House in the first place? Do they have that much money to buy it for him? Or are we watching a small bunch of bigots bankrupt themselves trying? Just askin'

I'm no math whiz, but it looks like what Big Bill Clinton said..it's all about arithmetic. Judging from what he said, Mitt's half is a lot smaller than our half. If we vote, Willard loses by the numbers.

Remember that old dog food commercial....well just insert the word “half” for “dog” and sing.....”my half's bigger than your half..my half's bigger than yours...my half's bigger cause our math's better...my half's bigger than yours!”

Vote responsibly in November.

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