Dear Mitt,

Well, son, this is the last letter that I will pen to you, seeing as how you are about to retire from public life and return to your corporate raider day job on November 6th. Not that you really entered my world to begin with, since I am a card carrying member of the 47% that you've dismissed out of hand.

I've gotta be real honest with you, in the 41 years that I've been voting in elections, I've never, ever seen anything like this campaign that you've mounted. Never. Even before I could vote I watched conventions and election returns on the television for almost as long as I've been alive. The first convention that sticks in my head is the one where Eisenhower was nominated. I was five.

Not one of the campaigns, Republican, Democrat, Independent, hell, even Communist Party, nothing has come close to the amount of total disregard for the facts, arrogance, cluelessness and outright viciousness toward a sitting president or the citizens of this country, has ever occurred in my memory.

I was born during Jim Crow, so I know what it is like being hated and dismissed as a human being, solely because I exist. However times had changed, I thought. You masters of the universe had gotten better at hiding your hatred, until you made your 47% speech to your rich supporters. I guess the feelings have always been there, just hidden. Silly me.

Your assumption that we wouldn't understand your plans for the country is totally insulting, not because it is a difficult plan, but because you think I'm too stupid to understand the words coming out of your mouth.

Well, let me give you a for instance....you keep accusing the President of “redistributing the wealth.” You stirred up your base to make them believe that Obama is taking “their money” and “their country” away from them and giving them to the reprobates on welfare, which is your code for Black people.

What you're talking about is a progressive tax, aren't cha?

Progressive tax is by its very nature, a redistribution of money from one section to another. The difference is that you prefer to “redistribute the wealth” to your rich friends rather than help out those who really and truly need it. So the truth of the matter is, you with your 20% across the board tax cut, are the one who will take their money away from them, right?

Sir, you may be a Mormon, but you're certainly no Christian. I would even venture to say that you are not religious in any sense of the word, unless you count lucre as your god.

It doesn't help matters that your sincerity is as plastic as the credit cards in your pocket. You have proven to be bankrupt as an empathetic, feeling human being. I used to joke by calling you Max Headroom. Maybe you remember that virtual reality clown who lived in a TV set. Max was just a disembodied head floating around in a box.

For what it's worth, your head is on a body like normal...it just doesn't function any better than good ole Max.

So to make it official, I'm not voting for you Mitt/Max.

Our one night stand is over. You weren't even a satisfying roll in the hay. Not enough staying power to get me off. So enjoy your life. I know you will.

And, by the way....If I were you, I'd cast my vote for President Obama, come election day, because if one thing is certain, rich people like you made out like bandits these past four years. He has really, really been a good president for wealthy people such as yourself.

Guess you could say, no matter what happens, you're still in the win-win situation in this life. Enjoy Mittens!

Vote responsibly in November.

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