I'm Not Voting for Steve Chabot or Jeff Sinnard. But I am Going Green and Voting Rich Stevenson

While I know that most of the people who live in the First Congressional District of Ohio recognize the name of their current representative, I would venture to guess, that like me, they don't know who the hell Jeff Sinnard is or what he represents.

Chabot is the perennial representative, off and on, since 1994, who managed to sneak back into office in 2010, when folks simply decided not to vote thereby allowing for the teabag takeover that has wrecked Congress for the past couple of years. Chabot was a part of that.

His signs are up (same signs) and his television ads have started running again and other than the fact that he has changed the color of his shirt, nothing has changed. Same words, same GOP trickle down bullshit talking points. Same mom and apple pie, fake patriotic stance that motivates his base. Same comb-over. Same no show in the neighborhood.

The only time that you hear Chabot's name is at election time. Sponsoring legislation to help his district is apparently not a part of his job description. Although he has co-signed onto every single one of the 55 anti choice and anti women's health laws that have run through the 112th. He has voted against all Veteran's Bills and all Jobs Bills. He sits firmly along side John Boehner and the other do nothings on Capital Hill.

One would think that this kind of record would motivate Democrats to find a viable candidate to oppose this walking waste of oxygen. So what do Dems do? They run a Jeff Sinnard, probably a party faithful, looking to go big time, with no skills and no track record. There are no yard signs or Sinnard bumper stickers in my hood. There have been no community meetings on this side of town. Nobody in the Obama office is blowing up my phone asking for votes for Jeff Sinnard.

They apparently expect those of us who are also Democrats to support this guy sight unseen. In Hamilton County, running a Jeff Sinnard against Steve Chabot is like throwing raw meat to a lion at the Cincinnati Zoo at feeding time. The Democrats have obviously ceded this election to Chabot. They gave up rather than represent their constituency.

So you know what....I'm not voting democrat in the first congressional district this year. I'm voting for Rich Stevenson of the Green Party. His platform more closely resembles what I would like to see worked on by Congress. 

I realize that a third party vote is more than likely a vote for Chabot, but frankly I'm tired of Democrats assuming what my vote is going to be. They haven't been there for me, for a very, very long time. So, I'm done being there for them, because they assume that Black folks like me will vote the party line regardless. 

I also like Jill Stein for president, but make no mistake about it, I am voting for Barack Obama for President because I think he deserves to attempt to finish what he has started and because Mitt Romney is a major, major mistake for the country.

However in 2016, Democrats better come correct, because I'm done with Democrats, with Republicans and anybody else who does not have my best interests at heart. 2012 is where I draw the line.

After Obama, I'm no longer a Democrat by default.

So my votes are as follows: Obama/Biden, Rich Stevenson in the First District, No on Issue 1, Yes on Issue 2.

Vote responsibly between now and November 6th
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