10 Questions for Mitt Romney and The President-Presidential Debate Day USA

(understanding that all aspects of American life are affected by the economy)

  1. Your proposed tax plan for the country consists of a 20% across the board cut for all Americans...Since all progressive tax plans are redistribution of wealth from one segment to another, how do you justify giving more to the rich at a time a time when they obviously don't need it.
  2. You have stated that you believe life begins at conception. If that is the case, how do you justify any exemption based on rape or incest, and why do you place so little value on the life, and well being of women who find themselves pregnant.
  3. You recently formed a Council made up of several of your Black colleagues to advise you on how to reach out to the African American Community, yet so far, we've heard nothing from them or you, for that matter. How do you plan to convince Black people to vote for you instead of the President
  4. You are on record as favoring the use of vouchers in place of several programs such as medicare and medicaid or to fund public education for students in the hope of gaining a better education for them. My question: vouchers are a fixed amount of money...what happens to the individual when the money doesn't cover even basic costs of what is needed to buy services.
  5.  You have said that President Obama is too timid in his approach to dealing with the Middle East, specifically Iran. Are we to understand that a President Romney would follow the preemptive strike doctrine created by former President George W. Bush, whose approach led America into two unfunded and some would say illegal wars, one of which we are still fighting.

President Obama

  1. For the past four years, you have worked diligently if unsuccessfully to get Congress to approve your programs. If re-elected, what will you do differently in the next four years.
  2. The afghan war is winding down. More of our troops are being killed by so called allies than Taliban. Why not just bring our guys home now instead of waiting until 2014?
  3. Our roads, highways and bridges are crumbling under our feet. How do you get the money to fix these problems and how soon does the work begin once you secure funding.
  4. The past four years have been tough on the middle class, yet the wealthy such as your opponent have prospered, so much so that you wonder why they are complaining about your policies. How do you bring parity back to the country so that all Americans get an equal share of the pie. I guess what I'm asking is why should I vote for you, if you're going to continue to aide the rich and let folks like me suffer.
  5. On January 1, 2013 the sequester will take effect. Do you plan on preventing this or are the mandatory cuts the medicine that America as a whole needs to swallow, understanding that the poor and middle class will suffer the most.

10 Questions for Both

  1. Do you favor codifying discrimination into the US Constitution in the form of DOMA-the defense of marriage act, and why or why not ENDA.
  2. What is your plan for immigration reform.
  3. Marijuana- legalize or not and why
  4. What would you do to ensure that women are finally elevated from second class citizenship when it comes to health care and living wages.
  5. Do you favor the repeal of tax exempt status of all churches and 501 C4 alleged social service agencies, considering they don't adhere to the separation of church and state rules of the American Constitution.
  6. How do you reverse the trend of more black men in prison than in school
  7. What will it take for a Black man or woman to get elected to the US Senate under this current two party system.
  8. Creationism  or evolution and which should be taught in school
  9. Is the 1964 Civil Rights Law unconstitutional and why or why not
  10. Affirmative Action has it over extended its expiration date and why or why not.
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