The Professor and The Prevaricator: The Obama-Romney Debate

The CBS flash poll said 46% of those who watched last night's debate proclaimed Mitt Romney the winner. Only 22% thought the President won.

So, what criteria was used to judge this contest?

I heard The President pretty much say the same things he's been saying about the country. No surprises there. Yes he was calm. Yes his answers didn't fit the format (he is always too long winded). Yes he seemed a bit preoccupied (His wedding anniversary). And yes he didn't go for the kill shot on some of Romney's more blatant lies (Romney is a dead man walking, no need to shoot).

But I heard Romney claim he never intended to cut taxes. I heard Romney say he is not in favor of privatizing Medicare or Social Security. I heard Romney say Medicaid would be better off under State supervision.

Which leaves me to wonder, have I been living in an alternate universe for the past several months? The guy who tells the truth about his plan is considered the loser. But the guy who once again lied out of both sides of his mouth, changing his position before our very eyes, is said to have won the debate.

Really? I mean really?

Honestly, I don't think anybody changed their minds or formed an opinion based on last night. I think if the election were held today, Obama would win, and win handily.

Romney is still an arrogant, clueless kind of guy in search of power, who feels he can lie his way into the White House. He also turned his back on his base, continuing his penchant for shaping his message according to who is  listening and then back tracking when he feels its necessary.

I think those disappointed in Obama wanted to see more of a street fight, with Obama taking Romney to task for all the lies, drawing some blood in the process.

What we got from The President was the professor, who probably would have rather been with his wife then standing on a stage talking at Mitt Romney and the American people.

Professors or academics drive me nuts. They take way too long to explain or come to the same conclusion that I reached hours before with my ADHD brain. But I would rather have The Professor rather than The Prevaricator in charge when the shit hits the fan.

Based on past performance, I know The Professor can handle it when he has to. He's already proven that time and time again.

Vote Responsibly in November.

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