The VP and Mista- Joe Biden and Paul Ryan Aftermath

The Vice Presidential debate is over and if nothing else, it was extremely entertaining, if you like watching adults beat up on snarky, petulant children. The VP in the debate was of course Joe Biden, However, I don't really know what to call Paul Ryan. He didn't want to be called “congressman,” which he is and has been for the past 14 years. He wanted to be addressed as “Mr” instead, which is his right, I would guess.

So what, is this, his way of distancing himself from the most do nothing Congress in the history of America? He can use any title that he wants, but it doesn't erase the fact that he is one of the most extreme members of the worthless, teabagger 112th

The night was heavy on foreign policy, which was good, considering the moderator was the very accomplished Martha Raddatz, ABC's foreign policy expert reporter. Even Joe Biden said that Martha had been to Iraq and Afghanistan more than either of the contenders sitting at the table with her and she showed off her stuff, too amidst the bombast that was flying around the room.

One also got the sense that women live in America, too. Talk did turn briefly to Abortion. Both men are Catholic, with Ryan vowing to impose his personal belief system onto the country at the first given opportunity. He believes life begins at conception, a belief that effectively relegates women to baby-making machines. Biden also claims the pro life label, but said he does not believe that others, namely women, should live by his personal belief system. He said women should govern their own lives, just as men do.

Still no mention of immigration or unemployment, two issues that heavily affect those of us who are not white and male. Maybe next time. Biden was able to expose the fact that most of what the Romney/Ryan ticket claims are differences in foreign policy from The President are in fact not differences at all. The policies are practically mirror image to what is currently in play. No difference.

If there was a winner, it was Joe Biden, who worked through a lot of euphemisms to keep from calling Paul Ryan a liar to his face. He got his points across without having to go there. Biden accomplished what he set out to do and that was to wipe any perceived egg off of President Obama's face, since most pundits feel he screwed the pooch in the first debate a couple of weeks ago. Conservative columnist George Will, who was ecstatic at Romney's performance two weeks ago, went so far as to say that the only reason Barack Obama is up in the polls in the first place is because he is Black. Can't wait for his column this week. Probably will say Biden won because Obama is Black.

MR Ryan had to prove that he could handle himself in the spotlight. He got rattled, but managed to survive. He proved to be a good sidekick, however, there is much need to grow and improve, if he intends to claim the top spot on the teabag ticket in 2016. Al Sharpton called Ryan a fibber instead of a liar-said he had not yet grown into full blown liar status.

Honestly, I can't imagine that there are people who haven't yet made up their minds about this election. It's over, one way or another. It is time to vote.

Vote Responsibly on November 6th.
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