Co-signing Crazy-Women in Mitt Romney's New America

12 days before election day and a poll says “white married women” support Mitt Romney over Barack Obama by 20 percentage points.


Are there enough of them to turn the election in favor of Mitt Romney allowing him to “take back his country?”

Because from my standpoint, that just doesn't make sense. Even if there are enough to turn the election away from Barack Obama, who in their right mind wants to live in Mitt Romney New America, where women are not people, Hispanics have been sent back to Mexico whether they are Mexican or not, and Blacks have been put back in their place, quiet and humble, longing for those happy days on the plantation, where shuckin and jivin and singing “Cum by ya” took up the bulk of the day.

People” are free in America. Our Constitution says so. We control our bodies. We make our own decisions. We choose where and when to work and make money to finance our very existence. We decide when to get married, when to divorce and when to have children. We, men and women, anyone born on American soil or naturalized on American soil are people.

Unless you're a woman....Then all of those decisions are to be made by the men of Mitt Romney's New America, who have decided that they can just cut to the chase, skip the messy and bloody “born” part of the scenario and go straight to conception, the “wham, bam, don't even have to say thank you ma'am,” part of when egg meets sperm.

They, meaning the masters of this universe, have given a bunch of cells inside a woman's body all the rights and benefits of the Constitution of the United States of America. They want to bless it with legitimacy courtesy of the 14th Amendment. Free them just like the Emancipation Proclamation says to do with slaves. Full and complete person-hood as soon as it becomes a possibility...not even a functioning possibility....not even a visible or viable possibility.

Before a woman can even feel that she has sparked life of her own volition, or been forced into it by some horny male, relative or stranger, or friend, doesn't matter, all it takes is somebody born with a dick, who is not shooting blanks, and suddenly that woman ceases to become people. They have written it into their party platform...so let it be written...so let it be done. Ahhhhhh Moses!” 

  Even a rapist retains rights over the woman's body, by legally controlling the fruit of the crime, namely the baby created. True in 31 states in America and now the GOP party platform of Mitt Romney.   Forever beholden to a man, for her life.  Comply or go to jail with no get out of jail card provided...Gotta do something with all those private prisons now that Blacks are being set free to repopulate the inner city ghettos.

And reportedly, 20% of white married women have co-signed off on this shit.


What about the rest of us...the nonwhite..non married..not buying the bullcrap others who also, at least for right now anyway,  have the right to vote? Just askin...

Even their holy book, their bible, the one they keep pretending to quote from, says life begins with first breath, not conception. Says it a couple of times. But then who really reads the bible, anyway.

And in a Mitt Romney New America, which bible will be the religious book of record? The Book of Mormon or the Books of King James or The Catholic Church's version of Christianity complete with all of it's anti female trappings.

Does it really matter? No, all that really matters in Mitt Romney New America, is that men control the universe in which women reside, quietly, providing sex, companionship, free housecleaning and babysitting when the masters need such things.

I'll bet all those white married women will even be happy to step aside when the master of the universe decides he wants a newer, blonder, replacement. And they will understand when he doesn't have the money to support his older progeny he sparked with her. She has a pared down government safety net, hanging by a thread to help her through the tough times, until she finds another master to take over her care, watering and feeding.

And with all those women needing a roof over their heads, can Polygamy be far behind in a Mitt Romney New America?


Well, one thing that is for certain in a Mitt Romney New America, all this happy horseshit about smaller government, less government meddling in personal lives and separation of church and state will no longer be an issue.  Ayn Rand will be so happy, dancing in her grave.

Solved...”Have a question or comment about your woman, dog or fixed bayonet?...take it up with the Bureau of Women, Fertility, Four legged Companions and NRA Weaponry located on the first floor of the Capital Building just off the Rotunda....speak to the first female or gay guy you see dressed in a blazer-bow tie, pinafore and/ or chastity belt..... and you have a good day!”

The money for this message donated by Crossroads GPS, American Prosperity and sanctioned by the Committee to elect Mitt Romney permanent president of the new USA.

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