Condi/Mittens- Swirling for America

Oh shit! Mitt Romney's gonna choose Condoleeza Rice as his vice president! Quick let me run out and change my party registration to Republican...

At least that is the reaction Mitt and his handlers are hoping for from Black people. I mean after all, if you want black votes all you gotta do is put a Negro on the ticket somewhere, or in the organization in a visible position of pseudo authority and voila, you get the whole community en toto. Right?

That's how Obama got elected, remember. 150% of all Black people voted for Obama in 2008, including Condi, Clarence, and probably even Herman, if you believe the rumors. How else can a Black man get into the White House? Surely no real white people would vote him in. Right?

Considering that self identified Blacks still only make up 13% of the population, we did obviously have some help-must a been all those suddenly avowed mixed race people, too.

Why all this talk about  Condi, the former Secretary of State and BFF to both Bush Presidents?

Matt Drudge is trumpeting a new exclusive this morning, that Condoleeza Rice is on the short list of candidates to run with Mitt Romney as VP. He didn't say Mittens had chosen her, only that she was on the short list. And I'll bet my next paycheck this “exclusive” was handed to the reportorially challenged wannabe by the Romney organization as a means of changing the subject in the media.

By that I mean, Romney needs time to recover from the latest round of allegations about his allegedly shady business dealings concerning Bain Capital, these past several years, so he is floating Condi's name as a distraction. After all she is also Black and intelligent and her selection or consideration would seem to contradict the feeling that Mitt is rich, bigoted and clueless, following his speech to the NAACP earlier this week.

Note to Mitt: If you want to swirl, what about the Lt. Governor of Florida? Oh right, she's caught up in a same sex/tape scandal down in the sunshine state. Did you know that before you made her your date to the NAACP convention, earlier this week? Hmmmmm?


Rice has already NFW'ed the idea and I tend to agree, after all she is a policy-wonk and seemingly not very politically motivated. Romney has also promised that his VP choice would be anti-abortion. Condi is on record as being pro-choice. But we all know by now that Romney is prone to changing his mind regularly, depending on the way the wind blows.

Choosing Condi would also put a more powerful spotlight on the fact that Mittens is not really creating anything new.

He is recycling Dubya. It's Bush-lite warmed over and what better way to do that than to float the story that you're considering Dubya's second lady as your choice for VP.

It's certainly more fun than selling the people on your foreign cred by traveling to other countries to hold fund raising events.

What? Jerusalem fund raiser canceled?  Israelis too busy praying to throw money at you?

   Aw shucks!

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