Mitt Romney's Prick Posse Vantage Point

"Remind them of this: if they want more stuff from government, tell them to go vote for the other guy -- more free stuff. But don't forget, nothing is really free."-Mitt Romney

Free stuff?! Really Mitt?
 Free government stuff?
 Vote for the other guy?

Wow, I'm impressed. You walked into the lions den...stood in the white hot cannibal cauldron that is the NAACP, faced down the savages and told them, their free welfare ride is over...you're the guy, like it or not.

Oh wait...you didn't tell them to their shiny Black faces looking up at you, perched at their podium....you waited until later that evening to send the message...safely surrounded by your vanilla prick posse...in Montana no less.

Typical leader of the pack mentality.

Can't give a beat-down unless your boys are watching, making sure the fight stays uneven.

Coward! Mittens the meek and mild.

The NAACP offer was legit. They gave you time to present your program and policy to Blacks and possibly garner votes for your run for president. They do this every four years for all candidates running.

However, Instead of using the opportunity to win over the people, you chose to divide and conquer. You chose to patronize and to disrespect. You chose to show up with your assumptions about newly humanized Blacks on full display.

You and your Willie Horton creating handlers (yeah, we know they're back working with you and your Bush-lite ass), decided to have you deliver a condescending race baiting piece of crap, that was nothing more than red meat for your violently racist followers.

Congratulate yourself, man, for you are now a card carrying bigot, good for a 10% discount on the purchase of your next double wide, pack of chewing tobacco and Dr. Pepper six pack.

Despite what you said, we have seen into your heart, and honestly, we're not seeing much that we haven't seen before-a rich white guy who has no idea about the people of this country, and furthermore doesn't give a damn.

Free stuff you say?

We paid for our social security and benefits. The poor are not looking for freebies. They are looking for a better job then the one they've already got. That's why they are called the working poor-get it?

And surprise...the working poor pay into social security, too. It's not a hand out when you're simply getting back what you paid in to the system.

And to answer the question, Mr Romney: Who let the dogs out?

You did!

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