Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama- The Clash of the Titans

So President Obama is beating up on Mitt Romney about his Bain Capital days.

So the fuck what!

For four years, we have watched every one wanting GOP/teabagger cred call Obama names, make fun of his family and disrespect the man to his face.

We have fumed because he is so bent on working with the wing nuts to govern this country, that he seemingly doesn't even flinch when they call him names or shout into his face interrupting the State of the Union Address, for instance.

He has been simply unflappable while standing in the midst of this GOP created shit storm.

For four fucking years, Obama has been Buddha, Gandhi, and Martin all wrapped up in one body.

Smile and turn the other cheek, he's told us and shown us, as we've gritted our teeth hoping for some comeback, like Malcolm or Marcus Garvey. 

We've secretly wished Obama had revealed  some Kunta Kinte fight in him.

On day one of his term, the GOP Congressional Leadership publicly vowed to take him out and make him a one term president. These vicious SOB's have laughed off every death threat and slam the neanderthals have dreamed up as a way of denigrating this President and his family.

The GOP has controlled the message....they have lied...they have attacked...they have obfuscated at every given opportunity. As a result there is no governance. There are only 33 attempts to repeal a law they are using for their repeated public flogging of the Prez.

33 times? Isn't that the textbook definition of crazy? Just askin'.

We on the left, call him soft because he won't fight back....because he stands there and takes it and tells us to take it too.

Until now....

President Obama has come out swinging for this election and nobody knows how to deal with it. The silly little pundits are worrying their useless little heads about whether or not the President is being too hard on Willard Mittens Romney. Is Obama being too negative too soon, they wonder out loud.

Again, I say, so the fuck what. Romney started the fight. Let's see if he can finish it. Fuck him if he can't take a joke!

I for one am glad and happy to stand back and watch the man whale on Mitten's white arrogance ass.

It's time somebody bloodied this fool. He isn't interested in running a fair campaign. Romney's sole interest is in being “king of the world.” Period!

Romney used these very tactics to kill his opposition during the republican primaries. When Gingrich and Santorum and Paul et al attacked Romney, He attacked back, with more money and so much negativity they had to back down and run.

Obama is basically using the same tape filled with the same allegations that the other GOP candidates used against Mitt. There is nothing new here.

It's just being used better and more effectively.

President Obama is a different animal. He has the money, he has the time and the best investigators available on earth.

And...unlike Mr. Romney....The President has been vetted..investigated and vetted again and again and again since 2007.

There are no more secrets to find out on Barack Obama. There is just his record as president, which really is not nearly as bad as the teabags would have you believe.

Trust me...despite what they say....they really, really, really don't want to talk about Obama's record of accomplishments these past four years.

So, as Rahm Emanual said yesterday “quit whininn' Romney. Mittens picked this fight.

Romney is the one who has brought back the “willie horton” smear experts to handle his campaign.

And there is an old saying in the ghetto....”Don't start nothin', won't be nothin.”

Romney and the GOP been throwing unanswered punches for four years.

Time for some old fashioned payback.

Step right ova here for yo ass whuppin', Mitt.

We got this...

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