Buying the White House

That is the only option left to Republicans. Put down cold, hard cash and buy the bitch. And they are on track to do just that, what with Willard Mitt Romney out fund raising Barack Hussein Obama for the past two months.

The latest stats show that Romney raised more than 100-million dollars last month compared to the President's 70-million or so.

The republicans can't win it on their record of no jobs, no jobs, no ,jobs, no abortions-lock up vaginas, so they are simply going to buy the real estate to keep the rabble from living in proximity to them.

It's their last trick, so to speak, short of all out gun blazing revolution which they do threaten on a regular basis these days. We the people have begun to see through their lies.

I mean look at record; the last Republican to balance the budget was Richard Nixon.

The last Republican to preside over a surplus was Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Ronald Reagan promised to balance the budget and eliminate the deficit in his first two years in office...then it was four years...then it was eight years..promises, promises.

Reagan also raised taxes 17 times during his administration, not that the GOP will acknowledge that info given their deluded attempts to run a country on no money.

Trickle down Economics has been the law of the land since Reagan lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and except for when Bill Clinton called a halt to the bullshit and really did balance the budget and eliminate the deficit, the country has been in the red-with the exception of rich people. Everybody else has been screwed.

Then comes 2000. Gore wins, but the Supreme Court gives the election to Dubya, the result of all those hanging chads down in Broward County Florida.

Bush promptly ate up the surplus, started two illegal wars, and gave his frat buddies massive tax cuts, and senior citizens a massive drug plan that wasn't paid for either. All of it still unfunded to this day. Voila! America is in deep doo-doo, leaving Barack Obama ass deep in alligators.

The middle class is being strangled to where it is almost small enough to be drowned in the bathtub.

Romney has been trying to beat Obama or any Democrat for that matter for the past 10 years.

He knows that if he admits that his economic plan is just Bush-lite warmed over left overs, nobody will vote him. So he stumbled across his course of action during the primaries.

He will simply do what the rich do-buy whatever it is they want, and they want the White House.

Remember the GOP electorate really doesn't like Mittens either. They really, really, really want someone else to be their nominee and when the flavor of the month popped up to challenge him in the primaries, Romney would bury them in cash and negative advertising.

This is his plan to handle Obama, too.

Romney is the alpha dog when it comes to making money. We all know that. How else do you put 100-million dollars in an IRA bank account that was never designed to hold that much money in the first place.

You really got to know what you're doing. Given Romney's reported worth. He damn sure does know what he is doing money-wise.

But just because he makes money, does not mean that he will make a good president regardless of what his Mormon god has prophesied.

Since we can't outspend them...we are gonna have to out vote them. We already out number them. However it remains to be seen if enough people have been freed from the matrix in order to make a difference.

So what cha gonna do....swallow the blue pill and go back to sleep or take the red pill and wake up in the real world?


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