John Sununu? You Cannot be Serious Mitt!

Yesterday, Mitt Romney gave us John Sununu, he of the stratospheric IQ and self inflicted tourette's syndrome of the mouth.

Prior to Romney's resurrection, Sununu was last in DC as Chief of Staff for Daddy Bush, and before that he was governor of New Hampshire. While in DC, Sununu succeeded in pissing off everyone from the President on down to the serving staff with his clueless handling of day to day affairs in the White House. It didn't help matters that he regularly used military planes to carry him around the world working or not.

Sununu was officially allowed to resign his position in the Bush I Administration, however a peek behind the curtain reveals that dude was pushed out by Bush the younger, at the behest of his father, for his boorish behavior and his tendency to use military planes for his own personal vacations and travels.

Sununu proved to be out of touch, and arrogant with an easily bruised ego, exceedingly quick to pass blame for problems onto whomever was standing nearby, including his president.

And now the equally clueless, out of touch and supremely arrogant Willard Mitt Romney has brought Sununu back for another spin in the spotlight.

Did he bring him back out of friendship? Hell no!

Mitt resurrected Sununu because he needed a fall guy. He needs an attack dog with no fear or real understanding of the present day world, to attack Obama. Once Sununu serves his purpose, he will be thrown back onto the trash heap where Mitt found him.

So, what has John-boy Sununu contributed so far?

"I wish this president would learn how to be an American," Sununu said about the President to reporters during a conference call, yesterday.

Great way to deflect attention away from that tax thing, right Mittens? Get an old school bigot to call the President names or question his “otherness.” Because everybody knows that only you white guys are real Americans, right Willard?

Poor John Sununu, still being used by the American Patricians to do their dirty work...first Daddy Bush...now Mittens Romney.

For someone with such a high IQ, Sununu remains as dumb as catshit.

Note to Mitt: Release the Kraken, boy...you're losing Mt Olympus.

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