Ohio Voter ID Purge

And we thought we'd won, when we got rid of Ken Blackwell. Well, not so fast.  Governor Kasich and company have come up with another plan designed to rig the vote for the GOP in Ohio, that is in addition to the gerrymandering of congressional districts that has already taken place. 


Neither had I. And no, it's not a program to ensure that those chest bursting aliens last seen in the Alien movies never get to earth.

It's called SAVE for short, and it is a database filled with information on immigrants, those people who come to this country from other countries to live and work, created and kept by the Department of Homeland Security.

What does this have to do with us born and bred citizens?

Well some states in their efforts to uncover and eliminate voter fraud, have demanded access to SAVE, and it doesn't matter that SAVE was never designed to verify voter eligibility.

Voters in America are overwhelmingly not immigrants to this country. Voters are born here most of the time, like 99 and 44-hundreds % of the time.

Yet, this is what several states, including mine, the great State of Ohio, are intending to use SAVE for-to verify voter eligibility for the upcoming elections in November and beyond,

Voter ID fraud is virtually non existent in America. It is a witch hunt conducted by the right wing extremist driven Republican party in an effort to ensure their candidates an unfair advantage at the polls.

 Recently,   GOP officials are on record admitting that the sole purpose of all the new voter ID laws as well as other new programs being created is  to rig the vote against Democrats-to keep blacks and minorities from voting.

Translate that, to get Romney elected President.

Voter ID fraud is so non existent in America that statistically speaking, you could be hit by lightning twice, before you could find a case of voter ID fraud anywhere except in the minds of the extremists on the right.

Now they want to use,  are even demanding to use SAVE to help root out a non existent crime. Wouldn't that be considered harassment? Doesn't that smack of Jim Crow discrimination?

Well, get ready, because our stupid ass government is going to allow it. This would be a great time to forgo politics and just say “no.” But au contraire, it's going to happen.

As I said before, there are 14 states looking to use SAVE and officials have openly stated their purpose is to emulate the flawed voter roll purge recently done in Florida, that saw legitimate voters taken off the rolls.

The SAVE database contains no information on American citizens born inside the US. Records show that the vast majority, nearly 100% of voters come from this group.

Immigrants don't even try to vote. They may try for driver's license, but voting...not happening.

But you'd never know this if you listen to the cat shit crazy right wing. More than 24 million Americans face harassment from the right if the SAVE database is used for voter ID fraud purposes, and you can bet that most of those who will be harassed are black or brown people, who fit the “profile” of the right's idea of a voter fraud criminal.

Full disclosure here, the process did turn up 2-you heard me-2, non citizens out of 3000 possibles in Florida who voted. It also turned up 500 people who were challenged and slated for purging, but who are legit voters.

They just happen to fit the right's profile of fake voters, read that minority democratic voting voters.

The other States being granted access to SAVE are, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio, Utah, Colorado and Washington, in addition to Florida
Ohio says it will use SAVE along with other tools to identify non citizen voters. Georgia says it plans to use SAVE to verify new voters as they register to vote.
The GOP can't win the election based on truth. They must steal it, like back in 2000 or change the rules like what's happening now, in order to get their man put into the oval office.
Can you say President Romney if we don't turn out and vote?

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