Throwing Stones

Did ya hear what former press secretary Scott McClellan said about the Bush Administration in his soon to be released book? The mainstream media hype machine is working overtime today, quoting this latest tome by a Bush insider, who is now speaking out about the last eight hellacious years of pseudo government.

I haven’t read the book yet. But it supposedly takes dead aim at Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby. He also allegedly takes some pot shots at Condi, too.

According to McClellan, if the hype is to be believed, Dubya’s boys lied about Iraq and tried to ignore Katrina, rather than deal with the problems head on. Anyone who’s been alive these past eight years already knows this. Tell us something we don’t know.

Why should Scott be surprised that Bush and company embraced propaganda and lies rather than the truth? This is after all the party that coined the phrase "welfare queen and gave us Willie Horton."

What I do know is that McClellan didn’t quit his post as minister of propaganda..he was pushed out. Guess that cushy pay check was too much to walk away from strictly on moral grounds.


Black Elephants

I read a commentary today on The Daily Voice, a blog edited by Keith Boykin, someone that I hold in very high regard. The commentary was written by Yvonne Davis the former head of African Americans for Bush. I started laughing as soon as I got to her first sentence.

She was asking the question of what black members of the party of Lincoln are supposed to do, now that Bush is leaving office and John McCain is not as welcoming as Dubya was. I don’t know....celebrate, maybe...break out the forties and glocks and shoot into the air?!

Davis continues with the question, what are the “black dots” at the GOP convention to do? Support Obama, now that it looks like McCain is not willing to buy black votes by appointing African Americans to powerless points within his administration, should it come to be. According to Davis, McCain’s campaign is going all out to win Hispanics while totally ignoring blacks, very unlike the Bush campaign led by Karl Rove and company. After all, Bush did put Condi at the State Department and attempted to use Colin Powell as a shield until he quit.

She speculates that black elephants will quietly defect to the democratic side or just stay home on election day.

I speculate that the sista is just looking for a job. She could give a damn about public service, which is what the government really is. Ms. Davis just wants to get paid.

The terms I used....black dots and black elephants...were her terms...not mine. I found her commentary highly offensive in referencing our people.

She needs to understand that the party of Lincoln may have called itself the Republican Party...but it has nothing except name in common with the GOP of today.
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