Let's Get Real About Ricky P

There are only two reasons why the State of Texas leads the nation in job creation, and neither one of them is the teabag's latest super christian conservative, also known as Governor Rick Perry.

Texas thrives because of its on-going love affair with Big Oil and the Neocon manufactured war machine of the past 10 years, created by that other imported fool from the Lone Star State, George W. Bush. Rick Perry had nothing to do with the apparatus currently in place to make him look good. The nation's longest serving governor has long basked in the sun of corporate welfare, while allowing most of his constituents to wallow in the mire of abject poverty.

Take away the  wars, the military contracts and  black gold, and Texas is just like most of the rest of America...in deep doo doo with no jobs and a bad economy. It goes without saying they don't like poor people or minorities there either, because all that wealth on top just never seems to trickle down to the bottom.

In fact, lately, Texas' big claim to fame is its prison execution industry and the penchant for puttting innocent people to death for crimes they didn't commit...very pro life of them, don't cha think?

Speaking of pro life, like all teabag johnny come latelys, Perry recently signed into law two measures designed to keep women as second class citizens with virtually non existent medicare and health care. Perry really and truly does like war....even if it is a war against women. (Wonder what the MSM is going to do about all those rumors of Perry's Bill Clinton-like appetite for women and/or men?...don't ask me...I just read alot)

Like all other Republicans working the campaign circuit, Ricky P loves to bash President Obama for the Recovery Act, also called stimulus money that saved America a few years ago. However he wasn't bashful about taking  almost 20-billion in stimulus funds to balance his state budget or to rebuild his burned down governor's mansion.

And what about Texas' school system? Reading a revisionist Texas school book gives you all the understanding you need about why America's public school system is failing. Swears on a stack of bibles that he loves America,but threatening to secede from the Union is no way to show it....sounds downright unpatriotic to me.

Never thought I'd see a candidate smarmier than Mitt Romney, but it looks like the GOP campaign is going to shape into a battle of Max Headrooms...didn't know old Max had a twin...but he does..and apparently his name is Rick Perry.

Look out America...you're about to get Rick-rolled...
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