Friday Rap

Michele Bachmann, that self described “lovable little fuzzball” is coming to Cincinnati tonight. She is headlining the Hamilton County Republican Dinner, which is being held at Paul Brown Stadium. I guess they are expecting a lot of people to show up tonight.

The whole Tea Bagger party has been invited, I understand. Tea Baggers live mostly outside of the Nati city limits, but they do drive in via the interstates to attend football games. They do know where the stadium is, even if they don't the support the city, itself.

I used to see suburbanites in my neighborhood all the time, driving through the hood looking for drugs. But not so much anymore since the police have dispatched the meth pushers and weed dealers to the burbs. But I digress.

Bachmann, in case you don't know who she is, is the GOP rep from Minnesota who is presently calling for cancellation of both Medicare and Social Security programs. That should make all those white haired old Republicans happy.

She's against health care reform, too, despite using taxpayer money as a Congressman and to raise a bunch of foster kids. She's been on the dole for years. But I guess we can't call her a welfare queen, can we, since we all know that welfare queens live in the ghetto. Yeah, right.


Rep Steve King-Michele Bachmann in drag

Steve King takes the House floor to defend lobbyists. Says they never, ever, ever lie to him. Says he would cut them off if he found one lying or giving him false information.

Wonder if that includes giving back all the money they've given him over the years.

Check out his statment here.


Jim Bunning

A walking, talking argument for term limits. This senile old coot has been dumped by the GOP in Kentucky, so I guess he is taking it out on everybody else, by blocking the bill that would extend unemployment benefits for 1.4 million Americans.

So much for Republican compassionate conservatism. Bunning says he is worried about the deficit. But like every other GOP member in the House and Senate, deficit spending didn't matter until Obama took office. Now they're worried.



Palin Watch

Dear Sarah is the next big headliner at the NRA dinner. They like her because she likes guns and shooting things. I know something that Sarah and the NRA could team up for...

The State of Florida has declared open season on big snakes, where anyone with a weapon and a hunting license can go down and shoot and kill any python over 10 feet long. The State estimates there are about 30,000 that need to be killed.

The NRA could do us all a service and go shoot some snakes before they multiply and start migrating cross country.

Sarah could lead the hunt for them. Of course if she's as tough as she pretends to be, she'll fore go the automatic rifle and hunt the big snakes like a pro using a machete to cut their heads off.

That means she'd have to get up close and personal, rather than snipe from a distance.



That GOP chocolate peril, otherwise known as Michael Steele says reconciliation is a low down, underhanded parliamentary trick that the Democrats want to use to pass health care reform..

Hey Mikey....the GOP uses that trick more often than Democrats....Why is it okay for the Republicans to use it....but not Democrats? Hmmm?


Palin redux

Bill O'Reilly says Lady Sarah needs to go college...I thought she already did that...Several times in fact...

What makes him think it's gonna be any better this time around?


Still Picking on Hillary

Birther rejects working obscure rule to unseat Clinton as Secretary of State

There's apparently a new movement out there folks, and it's called the Eligibility Movement. This Eligibility Movement is an off shoot of the looney tunes Birther Movement led by the crazy Russian Expat by way of Israel, Orly Taitz.

Birthers, as you know spend their time trying to get President Obama thrown out of the White House because they say he is not a citizen of the United States and should never have been elected in the first place.

Despite heavy backing from the GOP Obama boycotters in Congress, they are considered little more than a joke among most “real Americans.”

So, I'm guessing all that pent up energy has to go somewhere, so some long time foreign service officer has decided to focus on another target, and that happens to be Hillary Clinton.

You can read the full article here.

David C Rodearmel, has brought suit in federal court claiming that Hillary's appointment is unconstitutional, because she was a Senator in Congress first. And nutty as this may sound, he is standing on a kernel of truth. Granted, his kernel of truth is about as solid as a one legged man playing a fiddle while walking on a tightrope, but it is there, none the less.

In fact, Presidents going back to Richard Nixon have had to quietly guard themselves against the “Emoluments Clause,” which basically prevents members of Congress from taking a federal job, if Congress increased the salary for that job while they held congressional office. It came about as a way to combat corruption in government. Okay.

The salary for Secretary of State went up in 2008 and Hillary was still in the Senate at that time. But Obama did what all Presidents since Richard Nixon have done....he invoked the “Saxbe fix.” This maneuver is named after Ohio Republican Bill Saxbe, who Nixon appointed Attorney General during the Watergate scandal.

The way it's done is the President who wants to appoint a congressman asks Congress to repeal the pay raises for the position in question, so that the salary is the same as it was BEFORE, the nominee was elected to office. As I said, Nixon thought it up and every President since that time has used it to solve the problem.

Well, as we've seen in the past couple of years, what's good for GOP presidents is not good for Obama. Some how when he does it, its illegal and unconstitutional.

Hell, just getting born was illegal for Obama, if you pay attention to these clowns.

Rodearmel says he is just doing his duty and protecting the Constitution, the fact that he gave money to the Swift Boaters has absolutely nothing to do with his present intentions. Judicial Watch, a NeoCon group that regularly brings suits against both Clintons is also board with this action.

It should also be noted that Hillary is his boss, he's still employed at the State Department. A federal court has already tossed his suit telling him he lacked standing to bring it in the first place. When a judge tells you, you lack standing, it's like saying “no harm, no foul, play ball.”

In other words, Dork, can't be too bad, you're still working for the lady.

The bad news for Hillary is that when these frivolous cases are tossed they now go directly to the United States Supreme Court, thanks to yet another GOP “fix” buried in the federal court system.

I have long said that the real damage done these past 30 years by the GOP has been at the federal level. The courts have been quietly gerrymandered away from objectivity in favor of subjectivity for business and the rich and powerful.

Witness, the recent SupCo ruling which will allow business to buy elections. Think the 2000 hijacking of the presidential election was bad.....well, just wait...things are about to get much worse...

The problem with this going to the Supreme Court is Justice Steven Breyer. Breyer, who was appointed by Bill Clinton and usually sides with the liberal justices, has already written an opinion on the Emoluments Clause.

He did this while still a law professor many years ago. But it still reflects his thinking on this rule of law. In letters to Senator Robert Byrd, Breyer said the Saxbe fix was unconstitutional and therein lies the conservative hope.

Since Breyer is now on the Supreme Court, they hope he will favor their side, if and when it ever comes to a vote.


When Aliens Attack

Orly Taitz calling in the United Nations

Just when you thought the song was over, that one note samba named Orly Taitz has surfaced again, still singing off key to anyone who's willing to listen. Old girl just won't let her crusade against Barack Obama die. Got to give her an A for pugnaciousness, though.

Orly has taken her crusade to the United Nations, no less, demanding they step in and stop all the big bad Americans from persecuting her over her fight to rid the United States of its Black, tyrannical usurper who's squatting in the White House, sticking it to the good white people while bamboozling the stupid coloreds into supporting him. Check out the letter.

Dr. Taitz, esq, as she likes to refer to herself has hired an attorney who claims in a letter that Taitz is receiving death threats, and that somebody has tried to assassinate her, and vandalize her property.

All this is happening to the good doctor because she is trying to expose Obama as the fraud that he is, she says. The reason she went to the UN is because nobody is America is paying attention to her..

Gee, ya think?

Taitz who claims to be a dentist and a lawyer is facing a $20,000 fine and the removal of her online law license. I've talked about this before. Her law degree is from an online school that certifies public accountants and is worth less than the paper upon which it's written. Read here.

Don't ask...don't know how a school named after William Howard Taft for public accountants can also give out law degrees....

A judge levied the fines for frivolous legal filings. In other words she keeps trying to take Obama to court over his birth certificate, by claiming O wasn't born here. President O was born in Hawaii, but the bottle blond was born in Moldavia, which used to be in Russia.

She can't even vote, because she's not a citizen of the USA.

Man, whoever that Black guy was who she dated in her past, must have really, really pissed her off. Let's find that guy and make him apologize before she drives the rest of us crazy with her fatal attraction ass.

The United Nations, by the way, has not yet replied to her request.


In His Own Words, Condemned

Cocky, Arrogant, Elitist, Liar, Coward...No, Not Obama...Cheney

"I think 2010 is going to be a phenomenal year for the conservative cause," Cheney said to raucous applause from the conservative audience. "And I think that Barack Obama is a one-term president." --Feb 18, 2010

"My belief is we will, in fact, be greeted as liberators." -- Iraq, March 16, 2003

“We know he's been absolutely devoted to trying to acquire nuclear weapons, and we believe he has, in fact, reconstituted nuclear weapons." --about Saddam Hussein, March 16, 2003

"In Iraq, a ruthless dictator cultivated weapons of mass destruction and the means to deliver them. He gave support to terrorists, had an established relationship with al Qaeda, and his regime is no more." –Nov. 7, 2003 (al Qaeda never entered Iraq until after USA invasion)

"I think they're in the last throes, if you will, of the insurgency." -- on the Iraq June 20, 2005

"I had other priorities in the sixties than military service." –on his five draft deferments, April 5, 1989

"There are a lot of lessons we want to learn out of this process in terms of what works. I think we are in fact on our way to getting on top of the whole Katrina exercise." --Sept. 10, 2005

"Conservation may be a sign of personal virtue but it is not a sufficient basis for a sound, comprehensive energy policy." –April 30, 2001

"Go f*ck yourself." --to Sen. Patrick Leahy, during a heated exchange on the Senate floor Leahy challenged him about Halliburton profiteering-- June 25, 2004

It is interesting to note that the same stuff being said about Obama was said about Clinton and before that, Reagan. Both went on to win re election by landslides, despite taking hits in Congress, two years before in the mid term elections.

The corporate controlled mainstream media, the tea baggers, and CPAC conservatives would do well to take note that even at their strongest levels, the GOP as constituted today, will never amount to more than 25% of the voting population.

The sleeping giant in this argument is the base that only wakes up at election time. Obama proved it in 2008.

The polls never have and still don't take into account the America that is simply sitting back an watching, and waiting.

Those who take their cues from Facebook and the blogs....need to look past the big popular blogs or the pages of the rich and famous...the people who vote are out there and they are talking..

And what they are talking about is not what Cheney, and Sarah, and Mitt and Tim and Eric and John and Mitch want to hear...If the election were held today...

Obama would still win in a landslide...take that to the bank...


Friday Rap

Vanity Fair Comes to the Nati

No, I'm not talking about the racist cover article... I'm talking about the one that's got some Cincinnatians upset because it dissed us here in the Queen City.....The diss was by some British wannabe writer exile who apparently flew here to visit the Creation Museum and didn't like his cab ride or something...One of the knocks on the city was that it took us sooooooo long to react to his poorly written tripe...

Well...it took so long to react to this so called slight in the first place because, honestly...who reads Vanity Fair magazine?

I mean, in my community, Vanity Fair is only famous for who it doesn't put on its cover or write about in its pages...

To paraphrase Kanye West....and let me be clear...I despise all things Kanye....”Vanity Fair don't like Black people.”

And as I've said before....I don't deal with anyone or anything, which obviously doesn't like me or my kind. It's my own personal ongoing boycott of all things racist and/or bigoted in America..

Vanity Fair fits that bill to a “t” and apparently a lot of people agree with me...

As for slamming Cincinnati because of the Creation Museum....we have many, many museums in Cincinnati....National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, The Museum Center at Union Terminal, The Cincinnati Art Museum, The Taft Museum, to name just a few....

But the Creation Museum is in Kentucky...not Ohio...and last time I looked...Cincinnati was in Ohio..and so, for that matter, is the airport that this ill informed second class scribe reportedly flew into..so my question is....was he ever in Cincinnati in the first place?

Regardless....I've wasted far too many words on nothing....so let's move on shall we...


Tiger Woo

tiger, tiger, not so bright

back from rehab full of fight

tired of hiding, ready to play

back to the course after slight delay

mea culpa news conference first he must hold

re-polishing his image before retrieving his gold

no broken teeth nor busted lip

covered up with doctor's trip

he'll talk at the media

but no questions he'll take

He's the Tiger after all, no need to fake

Sorry, he'll say, but not really mean it

He's still god on the course, of course

of course....


Elton, my Elton

One Brit that I dearly love is Elton John...The famously anti religious Sir Elton told the world that Jesus was a gay man.....

I'm okay with that because I'm convinced that God is a Black woman and what better couple to bring civility to this crazy world than a fierce and compassionate Black woman and a fabulously fashion forward gay man.....

God being a man goes against everything we know about creation....men don't create...so why would the first humans who populated the world and related to it at the basest levels...worship the human who can't create, while the other human, woman, was busy popping out life every 9 months...think about it..

Doesn't make sense..

The Bible....man's first revision of the way of the world...and his first grab at power and control....


CPAC Circle Jerk

John Birch Society sponsored yearly gathering of conspiracy theory conservatives. Darth Cheney and his mealy mouthed daughter standing in the middle of the circle....see dick run...run, dick run...

Sounds like a venereal disease...


Homegrown Suicide Bomber

Another mad, arrogant SOB takes the coward's way out...flies his plane into a building and kills innocent people...wingnut blogs praise this guy for taking a stand against the government

What stand...he killed innocent people...He's a murderer, period.

He killed for his own highly personal reasons..nothing more


Crazy Killer Lady

Kills her brother...accident

Suspected of mailing bomb to colleague...never charged.

Slaps a Stranger in the head in a restaurant.....gets hit with fine

Kills 3 colleagues, wounds 3 others at faculty meeting.....now charged with murder

She says it didn't happen....

Husband seems a nutty as she appears to be...


A Snowy Day in Nati-town

Some things I've learned by reading the newspapers today, as 9 inches of new snow falls on top of the foot of snow that I have yet to shovel from my driveway...

Those shiftless, lazy white people...

Democratic Candidate for governor of Texas says...white people don't want to work in factories...Farouk Shami...who is a self made millionaire who manufactures hair care products says...white people want special treatment and won't work...Shami explained his nearly 100% minority workforce this way....

“A majority of the people are going to be Hispanic and African-American. You don't find white people who are willing to work in factories. And our history proves, you know, lots of time when they, you know, the white people come to work in a factory they either want to be supervisors or they want to be, you know, paid more than the average person. And unfortunately they exit.”

Shami also apparently thinks along with the rest of those running for Texas gov, that 9/11 was an inside job.

Maybe America should go ahead and let Texas secede from the Union...ya think..


Imprecatory Prayer

This is the kind of prayer that pseudo christians use to pray for God to kill somebody, as in those who daily pray that President Obama dies or is killed, because they don't like him or agree with what he is trying to do for this country. You can read more about that here.

I wonder if these fake christians have come across the phrase..."you reap what you sow" in their bible. Or maybe that other commandment from Jesus, about loving others as you love yourself...

Obviously, they have the second part of that commandment down pat..


Canceling 12th grade

Utah is considering whether or not to cancel the 12th grade as a way of saving the state money. At first, the proposed law was to cancel the grade altogether. Now apparently because of the outcry, the lawmaker behind this has changed his mind and says..ya'll didn't understand..what I meant to say was,12th grade should be optional...


Losing another Democrat

Evan Bayh of Indiana is retiring.....says he can better serve the people outside Congress. Given the gridlock on Capital Hill, I ain't mad at him...


Darth Cheney

Cheney ticks me off whenever he opens his mouth, but one afterthought about his latest foray on television.....he apparently hates Dubya as much as he hates Obama...and he doesn't like Sarah either...but that is probably his mysogynistic tendencies showing through..he doesn't like women in general..unless it's one of his mini me daughters, you know, the gay one in the illegal marriage or the tea bagger with the five kids...


Tiger Woo-woo

Did we really need to know that Woods reportedly knocked up one of his porn girls, twice? She is telling the tale, all the while saying she feels sorry for Wood's wife...Well if she feels for Elin...why tell this story...that she miscarried the first time and aborted the second and never told Tiger about it in the first place..

I mean, why go there, unless you're looking for a payday...

Elin, meantime, is handling her business....regardless of all the bimbo eruptions taking place...


Friday Rap

Being snowed in for two weeks and totally stir crazy makes me want to lash out and punch people, so today, I'm going to hit out at some of my favorite punching dummies, as well as a couple of new ones...

Don't Ask Don't Tell...

DADT does more than affect gay people. Black women are the primary group being bounced from the military because of this policy...There's a report from the government that shows black women who refuse to sleep with or welcome sexual advances from male officers or fellow soldiers are routinely turned into the brass as lesbians, whether they are or are not. Many women being bounced are in fact straight black women.....screwed no matter what...

John Mayer c'mon down!

What the hell is a hood pass, and who are the one or two Black people who thinks this loose lipped mufuca can entertain? He is known mainly for talking about sex with his exes....Other than the fact that his jump offs are all white...along with his apparently racist and right wing leaning wienie...

Why should we care what he says.....It's not like he's Robin Thicke or Tom Jones or Tina Marie, for god's sakes...He used us in the ugliest way possible in order to get his pub...now he needs to go sit down, before somebody really introduces him to Hood life and slaps him like the little bitch that he is...


GOP c'mon down!

What the gay ole party has been doing these past couple of years is BOYCOTTING Obama, not obstructing. When you refuse to support, or attempt to stop something no matter what...that is a boycott or a strike...

It is not an obstruction...an obstacle, or obstruction...can be moved....The GOP has been doing the “we shall not be moved shuffle” since they lost the election. Doesn't matter what Obama says or tries to do, the GOP is agin it, period. They prefer to be called obstructionists because the word implies that someday in the future they might come around and work for the American people..not! They are protecting their ass which is what mediocre politicians do...

But we all know this is never going to happen as long as Obama is in the White House and many Americans, both Black and White continue to listen to GOP lies and bullshit.

Case in point....Medicare..

The GOP has been trying to kill this program since Ronnie Ray-gun spoke out about it back in the day. Yet, the GOP has used the threats of Medicare program cuts and the formation of alleged death panels to scare old people into believing that Obama, by working for healthcare reform, is trying to shorten their stay on earth.

The GOP is in fact, now painting itself as the only hope for a program it's been vigorously trying to kill for the past 40 years....And people are buying the Bullshit!

I took a look at the GOP Road Map to America plan, which is online and available to anyone who cares to read. It is the GOP answer to bringing this country back to economic well being. Check it out here.

Problem is...that funny old program called Medicare has to go away according to the GOP plan...don't believe me...read their plan for the future...the one they say...well....the one Sarah Palin, her advisers and some of the GOP vocally support right now..Fair weather congressman, Orangeman John Boehner is as usual, hedging his bets....won't support it...but won't say it sucks either....

The GOP plan for America also wants to privatize Social Security...but we heard that from Dubya a few years ago....so that's not new either....Can you imagine where you'd be if social security had been tied to the stock market these past few years....

The GOP is still working for big business and wall street..

This Road Map to the future also contains more bones for the insurance/healthcare industry than ordinary people...Should have called this mess...the Plan for Erasing the Middle Class.

Bipartisan Jobs Program...

Was put out of its misery yesterday by Harry Reid....the plan had more tax cuts for big business then it had help for the unemployed...

Saint Sarah Palin, c'mon down!

Let me pull out my redneck teleprompter so I can get this right....that's not nice...some of my good buddies are rednecks....hell.....my granddaddy was a redneck......that makes me quarter redneck...Black and redneck...ain't that a genealogical bitch!....Calling Saint Sarah a redneck is an insult to my family...


The polls say 71% of America, thinks Palin is not qualified to be president....Not qualified didn't stop Reagan.....won't stop Palin either....I hope she runs...about time for another landslide...like the one that buried Barry Goldwater....which was bigger then the one that buried McCain and America's favorite ex gov back in 2008......republicans, pollsters, and the media keep forgetting that the last election was a landslide....Maybe they need to try polling the “Real America” for a change...

Blue Dog Bitches, er Democrats

Time for O to put these fools on a choke chain. They've had enough exercise...time to rein them in and make them heel....

Black Community-we gotta talk

Did you know that the Centers for Disease Control predicts that half of all the little Black babies born this year, will develop Diabetes during their lifetime? Yeah....I'm not kidding...

We already die quicker than white people....Black people die from the stress of being black in America...women die from HIV/AIDS from sleeping with DL black men.....Black on black crime has taken a couple of generations of very young black men and now it is taking young black women....

And now the babies are in danger from yet another controllable situation....

We're not trying hard enough to handle these problems, and we're not the number two population group in America anymore either...Hispanics now rank second to whites in population... which means that the next census numbers...upon which all that government money is based....is going to Hispanics...while we Black folks, are on our way to oblivion...we don't have any black genes coming into our gene pool...

Habla espanol, negroes? Or can you speak Mandarin...Because I guarantee you negro dialect won't cut it in the future...if it ever cut it in the first place...

We are living thru slow, self imposed genocide.....Suicide by Community....It is way past time to stop drinking the Kool aid...literally!


Abortion Reality Show?! WTF!

I really thought when I stumbled across this article, that it was a joke. Some writer didn't have anything else to do, so they made something up. It happens. Not all written stuff should be taken seriously, even if it is real.

However, this is not a joke. Two guys, mind you, have created a reality show, with three women contestants who go on the show and let viewers decide whether or not to have an abortion. You can read the article here.

I really try not to judge people, unless they repeatedly demonstrate their mindless ignorance, and even then, usually my judgment is to decide not to personally watch or read or patronize them in any way. I can't control your world, nor do I want to, but I can certainly control mine.

This, however, crosses all lines of respect for women, morality, decency and just plain common sense. There is absolutely nothing funny or remotely entertaining about a woman making a life altering decision like this.

Abortion or the decision making leading up to the choice. is not a spectator sport for the hyper-testosterone, all life is sport competition junkies tired of their murder/death/kill video games.

And attempting to couch it in pseudo acceptable Obamaspeak...as in "we need to find new ways to dialogue about old and touchy subjects.." wreaks of tasteless, immature hypocrisy.

Some of us older than 18 spent a couple of lifetimes getting the discussion to where it is today......a discussion between the woman and her doctor...rather than to have it relegated to a gossip topic on a reality show with an audience of nitwits dying to play fly on the wall during a serious situation..

Call it what it is.....two guys looking for another way to update and present their lesbian sex fantasy to the world with hopes of cashing in.....wink, wink!

Brainless guys and the low self esteemed women who love them will run to tune in...

Truly loving someone...means not denigrating them in anyway...These fools need to think about what their reality show says about their respect for their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, girlfriends and female friends...I know they have mothers, but I wonder if they have girlfriends, brainless or otherwise..

And before you ask.............No I haven't seen this show....And No, I won't ever see this show...

The idea from jump is bad, and doesn't deserve the light of day, ever!


CBS What Does it Spell!

Friday Rap

Tea Party Convention

Underway with no American Flag and no Pledge of Allegiance to open the session and they call themselves patriots...please! Where are the flag pins? Where is the Lord's Prayer? Where the Black people at?

One thing's for sure about this Convention...Sarah Palin is going to show up and she's going to make out a like a bandit...

She says she is going to put her $100,000 speaking fee back into the movement...no specifics...just another blind promise like always..

And she has some company....Orangeman otherwise known as Ohio Congressman John Boehner (and no, I didn't vote for this fool), finally admits to being a tea bagger..says he's one of them....also said yesterday that Wall Street should give him some money so he can bury Obama....hmmm


GOP Extortion Plot

Word out of DC this morning that one GOP fool of a lawmaker has put a hold on every Obama nominee for whatever....

Now, that's not very bipartisan, nor is it an attempt to represent the people. Blanket holds are for one reason only and that is to mess with the other party, period..

Certainly not about governance of the people, by the people or for the people..

Maybe O needs to conjure up LBJ...you remember him Lynchin' Baines Johnson, one of the best Congressman ever at twisting arms and getting legislation passed on Capital Hill...and that's before he took the White House away from JFK....but that's another story altogether.



Despite how wrongly they've been treated...many LGBT military want back in...That's what you call patriotism and love of country.

I never see any tea baggers, Dick Cheney relatives or fake god and country people calling for a reinstitution of the draft...Clearly, our country needs help on the war front.....


Terror trial in NY

When are Americans going to understand that citizens have to shoulder some responsibility. You want a a war on terror...but you don't want the inconvenience or necessary sacrifice in your life or a terror trial in your backyard....when the bad guys are caught........that's called white flight...or “don't bring em to my neighborhood”

You want the military to find and kill Bin Laden...yet you're not willing to support a draft to give the military enough people to fight a real war or to find the terrorist....

You continue to demand solutions from the government....yet continue to return the obstructionists to the Hill to keep progress from happening..

The problem with white flight is that eventually the problem comes to you...(ever notice the meths labs and drug busts are all in the burbs and rural areas these days, and not in the ghettos).... and you've got no where else to run...

Obama's canceled the moon program a couple of days ago...now what cha gon do?



Heard from my Congressman yesterday....calling me “Jo” like he knows me..Thank you Congressman for addressing my concern. But I'm still not voting for you next time around.

I mean what I say. If you can talk to me when we agree...you should also talk to me when we don't. That is what I call representation. It's a dialogue between representative and constituent...not a happy sleepover, where we play games and tell each other how pretty we are.

You respect me, I respect you.

Ya know what, sometimes I may not like you, but honesty and respect, will get my vote every time.

You lost this one.



I don't know about the rest of the country, but here in Ohio, 7AM to Noon is the queerest block on television....starting with GMA or Gay-M-A, as some call it.....Wendy Williams...Ellen...and The View.......Love it!

This block is the background noise for my writing, five days a week..


Superbowl....Saint or Colts

My heart is with the Saints.....My head and money are on the Colts....Go Peyton!

Considering where Peyton lives and grew up...New Orleans is the winner no matter who takes home the trophy..

And....I saw a sneak preview of somebody doing the Bears Super Bowl shuffle again...I need a dose of my Bears....That was my favorite superbowl!


Trust Women

Hump Day Madness

“Walnuts” McCain, Obama and the National Prayer Breakfast, and AIG Bandits

Somebody punch John McCain in the ribs and wake him up, please. A couple of years ago he said on the day that the generals came out in favor of repealing Don't ask, Don't tell, he would drop his opposition.

Well John, that day has come and gone. Colin Powell who crafted the so called compromise with Bill Clinton and nearly every other politician, except you and your bigoted brothers and sisters like Barbour and Boehner and Fox and Bachmann, have evolved, and say the policy is bad policy.

You and your clique, however, are content to remain bigoted.

"Patriotism that only serves and never risks one's self-interest isn't patriotism at all. It's selfishness. -John Sidney McCain

Just once, John, I wish you would at least try to live up to your own words...just once. Face the reality, you're never, ever, ever going to be President.


Obama and the National Prayer Breakfast

What better way to separate church and state as prescribed by the Constitution, then for President Obama to back away from his scheduled visit to the National Prayer Breakfast tomorrow. I know its been an official presidential stop since 1953, however, if this is the time for transparency in government, then stepping away from this event is a big start.

This prayer breakfast which masquerades as a pseudo religious event is nothing but a shady way of attempting to influence government for their pet projects.

I don't care how much they protest to the contrary, these are the guys behind that heinous Ugandan law calling for the death penalty for gays and lesbians. And yet they claim to be Christian.

These prayer breakfast organizers are behind that house in Washington that fronts as a prayer and meditation house for congressme,n...like...Ensign and Sanford..you know the latest lawmakers caught with their zippers open...They call themselves The Family...sounds cultish to me...you know like Charles Manson and his Family or that rock group that Prince put together called The Family..sinister..not healthy..

What worries me even more is the acceptance The Family continues to have on Capital Hill.

A real president of all the people would find a way to break precedent and not attend this fake religious function..sending a message to all bigots, that their way of thinking will no longer be tolerated.


AIG Bonuses

How the hell does AIG continue to pay massive bonuses to the very division that tanked this country economically? Today comes word that the company is paying out 100 billion dollars in bonuses and they still owe the American 124 billion dollars in tax money payback..

How does this happen? And isn't it time for Obama to go ghetto on corporate America, the blue dog democrats and the GOP?