Monday Morning Apology

Sarah Palin is still in the news, this time it's word that she is going to get that brand new passport of hers wet and visit Asia next month.

Seems she is going to deliver a speech to a bunch of MBA's in business and finance about World financial and business matters. A spokesperson for the inviting group said they like hearing from the people who influence the world markets....All rightey then.....


(originally posted 9/8/08)

I’m sorry that I called Sarah Palin just an “old white guy republican in a dress.” That was an insult to old white guy republicans. I’ve known a few in my life and other than their political leanings, they are actually good people. Some of them anyway.

The more I see and read about Sarah Palin, the more convinced I am that she is closer to a Taliban...you know those guys we’re fighting in Afghanistan....The ones who want to impose their world on that country as well as the rest of us.

Question: What is the difference between right wing Christian conservatives and Osama bin Laden muslim extremists? Somebody answer that for me, please...because I don’t see a difference in their world views...

In fact, I wonder when or if anyone in the mainstream media is going to question her about her religious beliefs the way they vetted Obama about his. Palin’s church is hosting a conference that claims, among other things, that it can “pray away the gay in you.” Changing gays into straights...hmmmmmmmmm..are the Log Cabin Republicans invited to this event. ..The national pentecostal ruling body, since 1949, has repeatedly condemned Palin’s view of Christianity as being to “out there” for them, too...Why is she getting pass?....When is the MSM going to put Palin’s pastor on the revolving sound loop?

John McCain went on Ellen Degeneres’ show last season.....Is Sarah going to make an appearance, too? Can’t wait for that conversation, if it happens.

I can’t wait for her first interview, period. For someone who allegedly wants the right to govern all of the people, she sure is shy about putting herself out in front of her would be constituents. My honest feeling is that she is a loose cannon and all the right reporter has to do is to give her enough rope and she will hang herself. Her arrogance matches her running mate’s ego...dangerous...

STUPID....a word that keeps cropping up in conversation, lately...as in “How STUPID is it that the GOP is claiming to be the party of change, when they’ve been the party in power for the past 8 years and most of the last 20....The really STUPID part is that they think we’re STUPID enough to buy that bullshit again........Well, are we?

UPPITY....Some political fool named Westmoreland used that word in direct reference to the Obama’s. And although he claims not to know the racial tinge to that word, despite the fact that he is a southerner older than me, he used it correctly...

Personally, I prefer dealing with bigots like Westmoreland, because I know where they’re coming from, they’re happy to tell me...no guessing needed....It’s the closet cases who bother me...you know the ones who stand before the American flag claiming to be my friend, while voting against any and every issue that would help me and those like me.....Anybody come to mind?

ELITIST...same as UPPITY...no other explanation necessary..Why not just drop all the subterfuge and use the word you really want to use....N******! Go ahead, put it out there...that’s the one you really, really want! You ain’t foolin’ nobody...

LIES....as in I’ve been in washington for 26 years and I’m still a maverick...ha! Or, I favor women’s rights and support family values....Okay....Here’s one from me.....”I’m gonna vote for McCain/ Palin” in November...


Yeah, that’s the ticket!


Knowing Jack About Dick

I am the last person in the world who should be writing about penis. There are none in my life, no real honest to god attached-to-a-body kind of penis that swings freely between the legs of some of my brothers as well as some of my of sisters.

I haven't seen real live penis since I changed my youngest nephew's diaper and found out it is true what they say about Black men...damn! “at a month old!” Whoooo-eeee!

I've been honest about my sexual orientation so that when I tell you that the only little blue pills on my dresser are Aleve and the only dick that I come in contact with is battery powered or hangs from a leather harness strapped around the waist of a beautiful woman, ya'll know where I'm coming from.

Despite the convoluted theories of Sigmond Freud....I don't suffer penis envy... Never have....To me it is a useless appendage...Who needs a body part where you constantly walk around touching it to make sure it's still there........What?

I don't need the drama...My body parts are either attached or they're not..all of em are hanging at my age, anyway...as long as they don't drop off...I'm okay....

I mean, really, male body parts are the last thing on my mind...They play no part in my world....

Until this week....

Two times this week....penis conversation has erupted on my computer....Presidential penis conversation no less.…

I thought the Birthers were done....Their phony African birth certificate had been discredited...and they had been laughed off the six o'clock news...

But noooooo!.......Now they want a peek at the Presidential Johnson....They want to see if Obama is circumcised...

Because according to them...if Obama is not circumcised......then he was not born in America....

Why do they suppose this....Because...They say ...circumcision is the law in America....

Well, Au Contrair, Mon Frere.....

See the problem with banning books, refusing to be educated beyond third grade church Sunday school, and listening to walking wastes of oxygen like Rush, or Glenn or school dropout Karl Rove, is that when you do decide to join in the public debate, you come off sounding like the ignorant, uneducated ass that you are....

Circumcision has never been the law in America. It has been a sometimes widely adopted policy in America...But it has never been law..

The practice of circumcision dates back to the Egyptians who used to force it upon their slaves circa 3000BC. It is a religious practice for Jews and Muslims.

The Greeks and Romans passed laws forbidding it...calling it what it is...genital mutilation..

But leave it to America to mess things up....

Circumcision was pushed by some silly fundamentalist health reformer named John Harvey Kellogg, the same Kellogg who invented corn flakes, by the way....

Kellogg wrote in a book in 1888 claiming that circumcising boys would keep them from engaging in that nasty practice of self love, otherwise known as masturbation.

He said;

"The operation should be performed by a surgeon without administering an anesthetic, as the brief pain attending the operation will have a salutary effect upon the mind, especially if it be connected with the idea of punishment. In females, the author has found the application of pure carbolic acid to the clitoris an excellent means of allaying the abnormal excitement." -John Kellogg, “Plain Facts for Old and Young”

And he wasn't the only sick f*** walking around with these ideas. I'm not even going to address the fact that this fool also advocated pouring acid on a woman's clitorus to keep her from enjoying herself...

I need to breathe a minute and compose myself...

These so called educated fools had people believing that masturbation caused consumption, heart disease, made you go crazy and could make you want to kill yourself.

Now, I've have had sex to die for... but usually with a partner...not from solo masturbation...

And you know one of your dumber relatives told you that lie about hair growing on your palms if you did it..

When immigrants flooded American shores back in the 1800's, circumcision became a sign of gentrification and class. In other words, that cleanliness was next to godliness and you weren't clean unless you'd been circumcised according to Victorian mores of the time.

They used this as yet another way to discriminate against the newer immigrants fresh off the boats. American men were circumcised, ugly dirty immigrants, were not...

How did they know....did a man walk up to a woman that he wanted to get to know and after tipping his hat, promptly drop his drawers, whip out his thing and wave it at her with a big smile on his face and say,

“see, ma'am, I'm a American gentleman” I ain't no Irishman.”

There are no, and never have been medical imperatives mandating circumcision. It is a practice driven by the usual screwed up mores of perverted and phobic fundamentalists, the sames ones fighting gay marriage and LGBT equality rights today...

You can bet that the medical profession goes along simply because it is another way of getting paid for yet another useless medical procedure.

And that brings me to the Center for Disease Control, which is in the process of putting together another medical mandate that would reportedly recommend that babies be circumcised at birth as a way to combat the spread of the HIV/AIDS virus.

In Africa circumcision seems to keep men from becoming infected with AIDS after having sex with an AIDS infected woman, according to one report going around.

However, the ease of female to male virus transmission has long been a topic of controversy....It has proven to be an extremely rare way to get the disease....

and the problem is...men lie...about who have they have sex with...it's easier to blame women rather than to admit they have sex with men...and when determining how a man becomes infected all the doctors do is to ask him, how it happened...

Whatever....Circumcision does nothing to prevent the circumcised man from infecting women or other men, for that matter..

The main route of transmission is still men having unprotected sex with other men...

Straight Black women would not be served either, and they are the largest group being infected in America today, because they continue to have unprotected sex with men who lie about with whom they sleep...

So why is the CDC going there and repowering this circle jerk?

This mandate, due out later this year, reportedly is going to also recommend that grown men submit to circumcision as a means of fighting HIV transmission....in addition to circumcising babies...


The mandate does not address the issue as it exists in America, which is that straight Black women are seriously at risk of infection...

So we have a bunch of simpletons who want to check out the presidential member....

and we have a bunch of lazy bureaucrats who are apparently trying to convince people that they are doing something to help the Black community in its battle with AIDS..

Okay...if you say so...

I'm going back to my dickless world and not think it about it for awhile..


Ellie Greenwich, The Lady Behind the Music

You may not know her name, but you've certainly heard her music, usually powered by the vocals of Darlene Love and the Ronettes and the Crystals. Ellie Greenwich died of a heart attack last night, rounding out an interesting triumvirate walking into heaven...Ted Kennedy, Dominick Dunne and Ellie Greenwich...R.I.P.

These are the Ronettes singing Ellie..


Ted Kennedy 1932-2009

"For me, a few hours ago, this campaign came to an end. For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die. -Ted Kennedy, Democratic National Convention, August 1980

I was at Madison Square Garden the night that Kennedy spoke those words, as part of one of the greatest speeches that I have been privileged to hear with my own ears. I didn't intend to hear them. I was tired, having worked the convention all day as part of the ABC convention coverage team of reporters.

I was sitting in the back, in the reporters area, because Sam Donaldson wanted time on the floor. We had to rotate on the convention floor, and I gladly gave up my time, because I'd filed several stories that day and really just wanted to get back to my hotel, at 7th and 52nd. The Sheraton Center was six blocks away and as I had done every day in New York, I'd walked to the Garden, because it was quicker and faster than trying to drive.

At that time of night, I would have preferred to drive back, but, you know, NY gridlock is real gridlock. So as I prepared for my late evening stroll, Ted Kennedy came to the microphones to give his concession speech the night before Jimmy Carter took the nomination for the second time.

The reporter's area was always a noisy place, after all we were working filing stories, writing stories, BS-ing with our friends that we hadn't seen since the last major news broke where ever in the world. It was especially never quiet when politicians rose to speak. We'd heard the speeches over and over. Usually the air rang with witty quips or jokes about the politician and who he was screwing at the time, and Ted Kennedy was no exception.

Except that night. Within a few seconds of opening his mouth, the whole room got silent and stayed that way to the last word. Kennedy had gotten the attention of the very jaded press corps. We turned on our tape recorders and sat back and listened, really listened. To use that old cliché about hearing a pin drop, well, you could, it was that quiet in the cavernous room. It didn't seem as if any of us breathed during the entire speech.

And after it was over, there was a collective “exhale,” with many of us having the feeling that the convention was nominating the wrong man for president.

In retrospect, I don't think so. Ted was not cut out to be president. He was cut out to be what he was, the major motivator on Capitol Hill for us little folk. His name is on more than 3000 pieces of legislation on civil rights, health care and economics benefiting the people, not the corporations. He is the last of those who actually believed they were sent there to work for us. He was made to be a Senator and that's what he was.

Prior to that speech in 1980, I met the Senator and his son Ted junior in 1978, shortly after Ted the younger lost his leg to cancer. They were both engaging and a bit overwhelming for me. I was cool, but I was actually standing next to, talking to, shaking hands with one of the legends behind the myth that was Camelot. Chappaquidick aside, I will never forget those feelings or memories. I remember every word he said to me that day.

Kennedy's legacy to America is health care reform. He didn't live to see it passed. But I do hope that Congress will pass it in his memory as living testament to the man that he was.

May you find peace, Senator. You've earned it.


Runner has Too Much Testosterone

The South African runner who is being publicly subjected to gender testing by the international athletic federation has apparently been found to have three times the amount of testosterone in her body that "normal" women have..

You can read more here....

John E. Carter, Doo Wop Legend...R.I.P.
The first concert that I was allowed to attend without parents was down at the Taft Theater, circa 1963-64, and featured The Dells and The Four Seasons. It wasn't Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons at that time, although he was a member of the group... it was just the Four Seasons.

They were the hottest two groups around, along with the Manhattans, who were also on the bill that night. And while I loved all the groups, I was there to hear The Dells do "Oh What a Night" and "Stay in My Corner."

Mr Carter had that distinctive falsetto...unduplicated to this day. His voice is a part of the some the better memories of my life. I still play this music when I wax nostalgic for the old days..

Rest in Peace Mr. Carter. He was 75.


Health Care Reform-From a Woman's Point of View

Current system screws everyone, but women in particular

Did you know that pregnancy is a pre-existing condition, that can keep women from getting health health care insurance when they need it most?


Let me give you an example. If you're a healthy 30 something year old woman and you've been living without health insurance for years, for, well, because you're healthy. You work for yourself as an independent contractor from your home.

You find yourself pregnant, and you want health care during your pregnancy because you want a healthy baby and you want to take care of yourself.

Well, unless you have a husband who has group insurance through his job...you won't get any coverage because individual market place insurance companies consider your pregnancy a pre-existing condition.

And as everybody knows...health insurance companies don't cover pre-existing conditions.

Federal law prevents group insurers from dumping on women like this. But the loophole exists in the marketplace. And it is legal for them to deny.

A normal birth delivery runs between $7000-$10,000, more if there are complications. Not getting neonatal care can open a woman up to child abuse and neglect charges.

Most health industry officials say get the policy before you get pregnant. But face it, how many pregnancies are planned in America, even when the couple is married?

Most births these days are to unwed mothers. There is nothing that affects men in this way.

And then, there is that problem of money and affordability-most people can't afford private insurance in the first place. Since women routinely make less money than men, they get the crap end of the stick anyway.

A catch-22 scenario, if there ever was one.

So what's a girl to do? Many get on medicaid or some state program to help make ends meet, if they can. Many women caught up like this make too much money to qualify for state aid

The scenario for them then becomes....do I keep the baby or do I get an abortion.

The current Obama reform plans floating around on Capitol Hill would outlaw this “female only pre-existing trap.”

It would also do away with what's called “gender-rating” charging women more simply because they are women. This goes on everywhere in American society, on everything from dry cleaning to health care.

The Senate version of the reform bill would allow insurance companies to charge companies more for group insurance if their workforce was more than 50% female....Isn't that gender discrimination? Just asking...

Given these built in inequities in the system, it mystifies me that any woman would stand up against health care reform.

Even with reform, we're likely to get the short end of the stick.

Women make up the majority of people in this country...

When are we going to start voting like it...

The health care industry has dropped $35 million dollars in lobbying money into the pockets of our congressmen to keep reform from happening..

Isn't it time to remind these bought and paid for clowns...that they work for us?

Call your Congressman, please!


Aw Man, Another Stupid Report!

(originally posted on 11/1/07)

I guess I should stop reading the news, because I keep opening up stupid stories that depress me. There is a new report out, detailing the links, actual links between eating the wrong kinds of food, which make you fat and cause you to have cancer. This isn’t new. We’ve been bombarded with this information for a very long time.

Skinny, anorexic people who don’t like food in the first place, conduct these studies to torment those of us who do like food. They keep telling us we’re going to die if we don’t stop eating. I wonder if these clowns have ever heard of starvation? Starvation happens when you don’t eat and then you die.

So what do we do? We die from cancer if we eat...We die from starvation if we don’t. Give me a break please!

I like food. I like cooking food and serving food to my friends. I like food to go with my favorite wines. I like the ambience of dinner parties. When I go to a restaurant with my friends, I don’t give a damn if my fettuccini alfredo is drowning in ten tablespoons of butter. I like butter! Actual eating at a restaurant is only secondary to what else is happening around the table.

I’m not talking about going to a sit down at some family restaurant like Golden Corral or KFC where, despite the noise level in these places, no one talks. Those places have simply replaced eating at the table at home because parents don’t have time to cook. No conversation needed. Hell, bringing a book to the table or reading the newspaper was the norm when I was growing up. Once you got past “how was school” there was no talking...just eating so that you could get to the rest of your evening.

What I’m talking about is an enjoyable night out at a good restaurant, with great wine and libation and sparkling conversation between a group of people who like each other. I’m talking about stops for dinner before or after the theater or concert. Food is not the main attraction, it is a sidedish to the evening activities. The conversation really prevents the overeating that all the skinny scientists keep yelling about, because as everyone knows, you shouldn’t talk with your mouth full, it simply isn’t polite.

What these scientists or food-o-phobics want us to do is to take a beautiful menu of suggestions and then ask the chef to make all of our choices taste like cardboard. We sit there and pick at it and finally push it aside.

I mean really, who really likes the taste of all that diet/light/calorie free crap, anyway. This study even warns us about drinking too much wine and beer or spirits.

Well, I want to tell you, if I can’t eat, I am going to drink. I may as well be drunk on my ass if I’m going to starve to death.

Care to join me?


Friday Rap

Gender Testing...Not as Simple as Dropping Your Pants....

Like most, I have been following the story of the South African runner who is on the female track team, but some say is actually a man.

They base their opinion on her size, muscularity and low voice.

Caster Semenya is in fact going through gender testing. The results will come in several weeks.

And we will learn what, exactly?

We will probably learn that Caster suffers from some hormonal or chromosomal variance, meaning most parts of her body react in female ways, while other parts react in male ways.

That would make her something of an intersexual, meaning between sexes...a little of this... a little of that...

It happens more often than people realize and this is what Olympic gender testing has basically discovered over the years. Gender testing has been around for a long time, although the Olympic governing body did away with it officially in 1999.

At the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, 8 women were challenged for their lack of femaleness, prior to their various competitions. Six of them had hormonal deviations that they'd been born with and two of them had chromosomal deviations that they'd also had since birth.

The problem, if it is such, usually happens in the womb. All of the women were cleared and competed as females.

Gender testing was instituted to make sure the playing field was level for women, in other words to insure that men didn't try to compete with them in drag, so to speak.

However, all it has done is to reveal that there are many variations on the boys or girls theme in real life....

For instance, instead of men always being XY chromosome entities...sometimes they are XXY or XX with a lot of testosterone. Women can be XXY, too, or XY, or XX with lots of male hormone..

It happens.

As Caster Semenya's father said...”she's always been my little girl..”


Dysfunctional NAACP A National Problem

Cincinnati Chapter mirrors Nationwide disconnect.

Let's start with the good news first, National Board Chairman, Julian Bond has endorsed the upcoming National Equality March scheduled to take place on October 11th in Washington. Bond has been a friend of the LGBT community for a while now. However his stance is contrary to that of the NAACP's president Ben Jealous, who has refused to take a stand on equal treatment for all.

The very popular Jack and Jill Blog has called them on it, actually doing a post entitled “The NAACP hates black people.” You can read about the controversy here.

As I've said repeatedly in my own posting, that Black civil rights organizations are ineffective and out of touch with today's struggles. They seem stuck in the 1950's and 1960's, choosing to ignore the problems which are killing our community today.

What hurts us today is a lack of education, black on black violence, the refusal to recognize the Black LGBT community, HIV/AIDS infecting straight Black women, the government marginalizing of the Black community in favor of the Hispanic community.

Minority communities in this country should be about presenting a united front, because the institutionalized racism in this country affects all of us equally.

Yet, the National NAACP refuses to take any stances on anything in recent memory and especially since Ben Jealous took over as president.

The Cincinnati Chapter has been hijacked by the likes of Christopher Smitherman and his young band of less reknown, and has become a tool of a local white and right wing organization called COAST. COAST stands for Citizens Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes. It has long been the most conservative anti everything in Cincinnati.

COAST has been "helping" the NAACP in its shortsighted fight against the much needed streetcar and light rail system proposed by Mayor Mark Mallory.

A gay man who happens to work for both COAST and the NAACP since the election of Smitherman, is routinely shown off by Smitherman as his token gay, in an attempt to demonstrate his “enlightenment” on the subject.

This same gay man is the one who actually wrote the abominable anti gay ordinance that was repealed a few years ago. He wasn't in the NAACP at the time.

Until the NAACP, both locally and nationally, begins to address the problems of today's community, it will continue its slide into irrelevance and certain oblivion, making it the perfect fool and front for bigger, more insidious organizations with agendas designed to hurt minority communities.


“See, We're Not Racists...Our Nigras Got Guns, Too!"

I can't imagine how some Black people come to this point. Do they actually believe that their “fellow” protestors see them differently...

Must be the Tiger Woods syndrome...or the Clarence Thomas genetic mutation....

Do they actually believe that because they stand up along side their “fellow” protestors and rail against the half Black man in the White House, that this will save them, once the shooting starts?

At least Tiger's not stupid...He owns a boat just in case he has to make a quick getaway...

Maybe it's a generation gap. Maybe these naive young men have never experienced racism. They've always been the superhero on the greens or on the football field or on the basketball courts.

Raised to believe they are different from the rest of us....is that it?

It's one thing to forgive.....But you never, ever forget....ever....

The “fellows” flock to them, watch them win, buy them drinks, wink at each other when they bed the blonde cheerleader or marry her later in life and move her to the suburbs after first buying Momma a big home somewhere else far away...

Someplace he can visit and go back to without his wife, or accompanied by the “fellows” to remember who he was a while back...before he started living on a pedestal...

Maybe they've never had a friend or two turn on them...sometimes in alleged playfulness...

“Come kiss me with those big nigger lips...”

A birthday present from someone who was my friend at the time...Changed everything,...the friendship never the same...

Maybe he's never had a “friend” who thinks that because they are “friends” that it's okay to let their internalized hate for black people show because he's “safe”....Because he understands them...Because he lives among them...works with them...he is with “them”....

And not like his “people”....

Maybe this Black guy with the assault rifle has never had something like this happen among his friends..Maybe nobody has ever called him “boy” except his grandmother...

Maybe he doesn't comprehend that he was helped to climb onto his pedestal by “those people” now in his line of sight through the scope of his assault rifle..

Maybe he still lives on that precarious pedestal, reliving his glory over and over in the drunken remembrances during the backyard barbeques of his “fellows..” in the burbs..

Maybe he is just one of the guys among his friends and at work...

Maybe he's never been disrespected by cops at a traffic stop in his neighborhood, or pulled out of his house in handcuffs or beaten in his own driveway..


Just another guy with an assault rifle...outside a rally for health care reform, which is designed to help those who cannot help themselves...Many of whom look like him..

Including the guy on the podium...

Except for the assault rifle on his shoulder...

Another day in the good ole USA....


Tom DeLay on DWTS?

This is a joke, right? The Hammer actually fancies himself a twinkle toes? Who da thunk....

That's quite a resume he's got going...from Texas bug killer to Congress to lying hypocritical sack of S***, to tainted and disgraced Republican to contestant on Dancing with the Stars...

This guy is indicted...hasn't been convicted yet and already he's resurrecting himself..

as a Dancer and entertainer...please!

Where are all the protestors...Where's PETA?

Oh, I get it....PETA protects dogs and other lower forms of life...

And for my fellow Ohioans....He's a goooooooood friend of Kenny Blackwell...

I can call him Kenny...I've known him since College...

Need more about Tom DeLay...Check it out here.....


Excess Mortality-Death by Insurance Policy

The Health/Insurance Industry's term to describe the people who die because they are uninsured.

A report from the Institute of Medicine blames health industry policies directly for the deaths of 27,000-40,000 Americans every year. The conservatives on the panel said that as few as 22,000 died per year.

The Federal Census Bureau backs up these claims with their own set of statistics.

137,000 people dead between 2000 and 2006, according to the Census Bureau....

This is what the Right wing is fighting for. They want to continue to allow the insurance companies to kill us with their policies on who gets coverage and who doesn't.


Truth About European Health Care

Europeans are laughing at Americans...In Europe everyone has healthcare...In America...only rich people have healthcare...

If Steven Hawking lived in the US...he would have died a long time ago..

The wingnuts continue to feed lies about the British National Health Service..

Read the truth for yourself..


Obama Get Serious

If Obama were really serious about health care reform in America, he would mandate that the age limit of 65 on Medicare be dropped....

That way....everyone in America would have coverage....



Friday Rap

The fight to preserve the status quo....

You know, I have been waiting for the explosion...the eruption of anger to happen after seeing that white man with a gun strapped to his leg at an Obama rally, earlier this week....

I have been waiting for somebody to say something. I have been waiting for the people to get really, really mad at the blatant contempt that permeates these health care sessions and dominates the debate on reform...

Because it has gone far past outrage....These people show absolute contempt for Obama. They don't respect him and they have no fear showing it because they think they are still the majority..

Maybe they are...nobody else is talking....The silent majority is silent...sitting on its obese ass, while these fools claim the streets and take over the public discourse..

Most seem more wrapped up in whether Michael Vick is going to play football because he allowed a damn dog to be killed, then by the lack of respect being shown for Obama..

It's not new to me....Every person like me has seen it before...We grew up with this shit...

We grew up seeing white t-shirt wearing, beer bellied white guys and their foaming at the mouth rabid women, holding guns and nooses..with dogs on leashes...as little black kids try to do something as simple as enroll in public school...

Or daring us to walk down the street, sit at their lunch counters, swim in their pools, move into their neighborhoods, or make the mistake of driving down their streets in the dark, alone.

Because when you're black, female and lesbian, you're the walking, talking antithesis of the status quo in America, and somebody's always in your face reminding you to stay in your place or be killed...

The message since I was born.....”be a good little nigger and stay in your place...or we may be forced to do something...ugly...”

Obama has refused to do that...So the intimidation is in full swing....Signs with ugly messages....shouts and taunts from KKK progeny who want “their” country back.....

Now a man who dares to wear a gun on his hip? I don't care if it is legal....

It was an affront to decency and civility and should not be tolerated...he should have been hauled off in handcuffs...if only to send a message back... that this kind of crap.....

This kind of intimidation is over....

I don't know about you....but I'm not going back there...didn't like it then....really don't like it now.....

Back then we sang...”we shall overcome, someday.”

Well, I've got news for you, folks.....someday is today....

As Huey P. Newton said.....”Sometimes to get rid of the gun...you have to pick one up...”

Ya hearing me, people?


Woman Town

(Originally posted 4/26/07)

All right ladies, here’s something we can invest in. It’s called Women’s Town. And, no I’m not talking about Province town or any of several cities in Massachusetts. I’m talking about a real live city in China where you can unleash your inner Towanda. It's 2.3 square Km of land named Longshihu Village in Chongqing municipality, that follows the traditional concept of “women rule, men obey.”

Now, according to Chinese tourism officials as told to Reuters, there is a long standing practice in which “traditional women dominate and men have to be obedient in the areas of Sicchuan and Chongqing.....” so the area is now going to be marketed as a tourist destination. All officials need is about 26-40 million dollars of foreign money for the ad campaign, and to build infrastructure like houses, buildings, road, inside toilets, you get the picture.

Women’s Town even has a motto, and I love it..

"women never make mistakes and men can never refuse women’s requests..”

I hope that’s an accurate translation, since, as we all know, translation suffers big time between Chinese and English. But I guess it’s the thought that counts.

Once it gets off the ground, according to spokesperson Li, when tourists enter the area, the woman takes the lead in all decisions, like where to shop, where to eat, where to go for entertainment.

If the man decides to disagree or heaven forbid, to disobey his woman, then he will be made to kneel on an uneven board or to wash dishes in a nearby restaurant or to perform some other nasty household job.

Now don’t rush out and buy your airline tickets just yet. This project was kicked off back in 2005 and is not expected to open for business for another couple of years. That gives you plenty of time to practice being dominate, so that you can hit the ground running when you land in Longshihu. Bon voyage!


Coming to America, Pantyhose for Men

(Originally posted 1/10/09)

Hypothetical situation- You’re in a club, the music is banging, you got your drink on, standing there at the bar surveying the room with your BFF, when in walks god. This guy is the be all, end all of your dreams and you just have to have him, before the night is out.

You make eye contact and he must like what he sees because soon you two are on the dance floor, all night, til the club closes. You know from the way his hands have been exploring your body, that this one is coming home.

You make out in the car, you’re kissy face in the hallway, you nearly break down the door rather then unlock it. Clothes are landing everywhere, yours on the floors, his on the chair. You step back for a moment, turn around to admire him in all his almost naked splendor, and he’s standing there in pantyhose. The correct name is “mantyhose,” but now is the not the time for semantics.

What do you do?

Seeing a man in pantyhose has been no big deal since Joe Willy Nameth put them on back in the late 60's. There was even a half hearted effort to get guys to wear them under their football uniforms for warmth back in the day. But nobody took it seriously. Pantyhose have always been for women, comedians, drag queens and transvestites, until now.

According to a report in the New York Daily News, men have been wearing mantyhose for years in Europe, and now the hose are becoming a fashion statement for men in America, as well

There is even a website that exclusively sells mantyhose. Luxelegwear.com sells 13 different kinds of hose. Men who might be feeling conflicted about wearing the hose can go to e-MANcipate.net and read up on how to accept yourself and other men who want to wear them. This site also instructs how to wear them..over or under your boxers.

I guess you can ask your girlfriend, your mom or your sister, or best lesbian girlfriend about them. I don’t know any woman who really likes pantyhose. They itch, they snag too easily. Nothing worse than a runner in a brand new pair of hose. They are just a pain in the ass. Everyday that I don’t have to put them on, is a blessing.

But guys, you go ahead. Knock yourself out. Wear them for awhile. See if you like it. You might like it. But I doubt it.

Knee highs or a garter belt and hose are better, more comfortable. Try those. You might like it But you just might want to give your date a heads up before you drop your pants.


Hamburgers, Old Fossils and Getting Fat by Breathing

(originally posted 3/29/07)

Unless you live under a rock or somewhere else deep inside the earth, you know that too many calories and not enough exercise will make you fat. Well, there is a new study out that claims that air pollution is also contributing to America’s big butt epidemic.

Researchers cautioned that the evidence is preliminary at this point, but what they are seeing is chemicals in the air that triggers a process called adipogenesis, which in laymen’s terms is fat-cell activity. The findings were presented at last month’s American Association for the Advancement of Science. Scientists even have a name for these fat causing chemicals. They are called “obesogens.”

So what do we do now? Stop breathing?


Well, god love her, that old fossil Phyllis Schlafly is apparently still alive with foot still firmly planted in her mouth. You would think she would’ve choked on it by now. But not so. The former head of the very conservative right wing organization Eagle Forum, has reared her doddering gray head to tell us that women can not be raped by their husbands.

According to Dr. Phyl, once a woman enters into marriage she consents to sex whenever and where ever hubby wants it, period. Schlafly also thinks and says that women are physically inferior to men and should not be firefighters, soldiers, police officers or construction workers, among other things.

No female soldiers? Hmmmm. What about all the women who are fighting and dying in Iraq, sent there by Dr. Phyl’s political party of choice. She dares to call these women inferior?

And speaking of inferior, anyone check on Schlafly’s gay son lately? Or is he still bound and gagged and quietly in the closet?


Burger King, number two and apparently trying harder, has decided to be more humane about the food it is serving up. The giant fast food chain has decided that in the future it will only serve eggs and pork purchased from free range animal farmers instead of from those who confine their livestock to crates and cages. PETA and other animal rights organizations applauded the decision as the humane way to go.

Inquiring minds want to know.....If you’re patronizing Burger King or Mickey D’s, or Jack in the Box or whom ever, do you really give a damn about how the animal was humanely kept or put to death before it got to your plate?

Don’t you really only worry about whether it’s fast, hot, and not breathing on the bun before you sink your teeth into it?

If humane really meant anything don’t you think you’d be vegetarian? Just asking...


Swine Flu Skeptic

The 1976 fiasco.....2009 Problem

I will admit upfront, that I'm a total skeptic when it comes to government vaccination programs. Just like all Americans my age, I went through them as a kid. They didn't really hurt me or anything, but then my Mom was in charge. She said take them, I took them. I was only five years old after all.

As I have gotten older, I have come to learn that we don't really know what is in the medicines that we take.

A lot of the medicines on the market are there purely to make a profit for someone, at the expense of you and me.

I don't take the yearly flu vaccinations even though I'm considered high risk.

Having lived through the swine flu epidemic of 1976, I not sure if I will ever trust my government or the big drug companies to do the right thing.

Not the way it was set up then...and certainly not the way it is now. Because as bad as the drug companies were back then...

They are a hundred times worse now in their disregard for consumers, viewing them only as cannon fodder for their big profit money making machine.

If you think that is a misstatement or a wrong statement then check out what is really going on in Africa with the drugs that could save so many, but are being withheld by their makers in order to make greater profit.

This is done by simply not making the drugs available because the people cannot afford the price that the drug companies want to charge to support their profit scenario in Africa.

Back in 1976, the big drug companies demanded that the US government take the fall if the swine flu vaccine turned out bad, because they didn't want to get sued. It did. The government took the hit.

The same thing is going on today with health care reform and this so called developing flu vaccine. I have no proof, but my mature gut tells me that we, the people are being screwed again, despite the fact that Obama is in charge. But I will wait and reserve judgment until the reform bill is passed and we get through the flu season.

One of the big players in 1976 and today in 2009 is Roche, the big pharmaceutical company. Roche makes Tamiflu, which you may know, the United States government, as well as other governments, worldwide have stockpiled in recent years to combat Swine and Bird flu.

The US decided to stockpile Tamiflu after Bush elevated Donald Rumsfeld to Secretary of Defense. Rumsfeld makes millions off the drug....He has stock in the company that created Tamiflu. Gilead Sciences gave Roche the rights to manufacture the drug.

Our government paid Roche $100 a dose to buy the drug...that works out to $2 billion dollars for useless meds.

Rumsfeld allegedly recused himself from all governmental decisions concerning the stockpiling of the drug. However, with the lies that are now coming to light...

Who knows what Rumsfeld did back in the day...

Rumsfeld and Bush just got the ball rolling. Tamiflu is held up as the treatment for the flu, which really it is not...

Tamiflu is only effective if taken at the first sign of the flu...It is not a cure...or vaccine....If you don't take it at onset....

In other words, if you don't have it in your house..then you're wasting your time.

And there are some nasty side effects to the drug, too...Deaths were reported in Japan to children given the drug, shortly after it came on the market.

If it has to be taken immediately...then wouldn't stockpiling be a waste of time, considering that the government can't get it to you in time to save you...they can't mobilize fast enough...

Think that's wrong...think Katrina....the only thing that's changed since the Katrina debacle is the President...the mechanism for saving American lives...is the same...

Obama has not changed the mechanism, yet. I love Barack Obama...He's like that Nia Long line from the movie The Best Man (pretty M*****), and it's way too early to make any judgments....

But so far, all I'm seeing is same old, same old...lots of charisma and very little change...Just like Bill Clinton....Love em...however...they are consummate politicians...

And as I've said before...if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck....you can finish...

The difference that I'm seeing between the last administration and the new one..is that one of them is giving us vaseline before telling us to bend over...

Back to this new developing vaccine in time for the coming flu season. As I said, I don't trust it. When they tried this in 1976, more people died from the vaccine then the so called epidemic.

In fact, in 1976, only one person died from the swine flu and he was the first one who contracted it..

He was patient zero, in other words.

It happened at Fort Dix and you can read the story here.

I can't tell you what to do for you and your children when the time comes to face this latest “flu bug.”

It is almost upon us and they are just beginning to test. Officials have already said it's going to take 3 shots.

The shots won't be effective until a couple of weeks after you take the second one...Given the roll out..that will be halfway through the school year..

If that is the case, what is the point of taking the drug...Seems to me your immune system is working effectively already.

What I'm hearing on the news does not sound confident...it sounds panicked...and that scares me..A panicky government is the last thing we need....

Here is how the Center for Disease Control “reflects on the situation."

Let's hope the government learned its lessons from 1976.


Republican Lies About Health Care Reform

The GOP policy of destroying Obama at all costs is in high gear with its big guns blatantly lying to the American people.

Most people seem to know better....Yet the base is crazier than ever...Not surprising when you have statements like the one below being thrown at them by their so called leaders.

This is Sarah Palin's statement...made yesterday on Facebook...I give it to you in total...without edit..since she says we pajama clad bloggers make shit up about what comes out of her mouth...

Yesterday at 4:26pm

As more Americans delve into the disturbing details of the nationalized health care plan that the current administration is rushing through Congress, our collective jaw is dropping, and we’re saying not just no, but hell no!

The Democrats promise that a government health care system will reduce the cost of health care, but as the economist Thomas Sowell has pointed out, government health care will not reduce the cost; it will simply refuse to pay the cost. And who will suffer the most when they ration care? The sick, the elderly, and the disabled, of course. The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s “death panel” so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their “level of productivity in society,” whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil.

Health care by definition involves life and death decisions. Human rights and human dignity must be at the center of any health care discussion.

Rep. Michele Bachmann highlighted the Orwellian thinking of the president’s health care advisor, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, the brother of the White House chief of staff, in a floor speech to the House of Representatives. I commend her for being a voice for the most precious members of our society, our children and our seniors.

We must step up and engage in this most crucial debate. Nationalizing our health care system is a point of no return for government interference in the lives of its citizens. If we go down this path, there will be no turning back. Ronald Reagan once wrote, “Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth.” Let’s stop and think and make our voices heard before it’s too late.

- Sarah Palin

Rep. Bachmann's speech can be viewed here:

Now the real deal on Health Care is this...

No one is mandating that old people go out and kill themselves...or prepare to kill themselves to make way for the young....

This seems to come from the part of the bill that addresses “end of life planning.”....you know what that is...Hospice care...living wills....etc...all the stuff that hospitals already ask you about when you check into the hospital...right now....

Nobody is advocating euthanasia....however...I personally think it is a topic that needs addressing...because some of us don't want to hang around...depending on a machine to breathe and some nurse to wipe our ass when we soil ourselves..

That is not living to me..and I have already made it clear to my sisters...that if they love me..

They will pull the plug..if I haven't already done it myself...

The proposed legislation does mandate that medicare pay for consultations between doctors and patients about end of life decisions...Medicare currently does not do that...

At the other end of the spectrum...the pro-birthers are telling their people that the bill will make them pay for other women's abortions.

The real plan is to get insurance companies to pay for birth control and abortions as part of insurance health plans....

Insurance companies do right now pay for viagra and other male enhancements for men, while refusing to cover birth control or any abortion procedures for women...

Wingnuts are also lying by saying the Obama plans to ban all private health care...Not true...once the plan passes into law....all existing plans will be grandfathered in to larger risk pools...forcing the cost to policy holders down....

Less money coming out of your pocket in other words...These wingnuts are simply buying the BS being shoveled around by the health care industry..

The wingnuts are hyperventilating about government run health care...saying the government can't run health care programs...

Well....what do they think Medicare and Medicaid are....private corporations?

The GOP has maintained that government will begin to ration health care....Hell...the insurance companies do that now....

I mean...they refuse coverage to persons deemed to have pre existing conditions....They refuse coverage for no reason what so ever...even when you've paid all your premiums...

And....no matter what you do...in your work health coverage...it goes up every year..whether you've used it or not....

Screwed no matter what....Given a choice....I like the reform plan..


Friday Rap

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor....has a wonderful ring to it, doesn't it...

I just wish people, including the main stream media, would stop saying “Puerto Rico” as if it was some kind of foreign country...

Get a clue people....Puerto Rico is American soil...”they” is “us”....

Points to my main argument for dropping these ethnic prefixes...ie “African” American...or Puerto Rican American.....

These terms are successfully used to keep us divided.....

We, Blacks, have always been Americans...why do we have to look elsewhere to justify our ethnic identity...

I am proud to be an American...not an African American...but an American..especially since “African” in this usage... doesn't necessarily refer to the continent, as was originally intended, when first coined back in the day.....but has everything to do with simply using another word to identify us by color...as in African=Black...

You may not like the above statement...but consider this...there have been no all Black/African genes coming into the American Black gene pool for decades.. since 1619 in fact....geneticists, biologists and anthropologists will tell you that Black Americans are literally fading in color...Anyone who can trace their ancestry back to slavery probably has almost no Black blood in him/her in the first place, despite outward appearance..

Even Dr. Henry Gates, the man who popularized genealogy so that we can track back to the motherland has spent the past couple of weeks trumpeting his “percentage of whiteness” incorporated in his Blackness...as he stands next to his white wife and ¾ white kids...

There is nothing pure about the gene pool...Black or white...if you're American...you're mixed...period..

Time to get over it and move on...


Let the Big Dog Run

He is useless when it comes to detail, that's Hill's job, but his grasp of the big picture is perfect...so it was masterful to turn Big Bill loose on North Korea this week....Dear Leader was cheesing in the photo like he was standing next to Elvis reincarnated...and that's okay...

Mission really accomplished...the girls are home...safe..

Who cares if the honorary Black man doesn't like the half Black man in the White House...they make beautiful music together like Lennon and McCartney...and as every Beatle fan knows...they didn't always get along either...


Riddle me this....

Who did you like better in the Batman movie....the caped crusader...or the Joker?


GOP Mob Rule

Remember back to the year 2000 when all those white people rioted during the hanging chad fiasco during the election in Florida? Turns out the rioters were GOP operatives trucked in from DC to stir up the stupid masses into a frenzy against the coloreds....

Happened again in Florida last night....Can lynchings, beatings and cross burnings be too far behind? Or is that stuff just too blatant for today's modern racist sensibilities?

If these racists, er protestors were really serious...why not a protest to tear up their medicare cards...how about they give back their government sponsored public health care that they don't want the rest of us to have...

How about the GOP racists in Congress and the Blue Dog Democrats...give back their public financed health care coverage....

Bet if they did the money given back would put a nice dent in that deficit they keep screaming about...

Meantime...I'm sure Big Pharma and the Insurance companies are laughing all the way to the bank, as they plan their next government subsidized vacation in Rio or Monaco, or where ever the hell, the nouvo-riche travel these days..


Is it Just me...

Or don't you wish Obama would grow some balls and start taking names and kicking ass?

Back in the day I quit going to civil rights demonstrations because I'd reached my saturation point...I can only stand so much of being called a nigger before I get mad and decide to body slam somebody..

I'm at that point again.....I need to meditate more, I guess..

Turn the other cheek didn't work for me then...and I can't find any Buddhist teachings that I can get lost in to calm me down now...

There were two things I learned from practicinng martial arts......It is better to walk away from a fight....

But during kumite (fighting) it feels so damn good to clock somebody a couple of times upside the head..

It's almost orgasmic in feeling...(I like to fight..feels gooooooooooooood!)

But it represents the ultimate war for self control...”conquer others...win the battle...conquer yourself...win the war”

Grasshopper is listening Mr. President..


Walking Wastes of Oxygen Nominees

Eric Cantor....unAmerican, unpatriotic...flat out traitor to the country he purports to represent

Michelle Malkin...Coulter light

Michele Bachmann.....Hall of Fame nominee

Senator Grassley....took off his hood again this week

Beck...main cattleherder riding shotgun on the anti health care reform mob

Lou Dobbs....major disappointment


In Her Father's Footsteps

Bernice King in the running to head SCLC

The youngest daughter of the late Dr. Martin Luther King is one of five being considered to head the civil rights organization famously helmed by her father, back in the day. You can find the details here.

If she is successful in being chosen, King will become the first woman to preside over the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. That is a good thing. We need more women to take charge of these organizations injecting new blood and a new way of thinking. Bernice King does represent in that respect.

However, the youngest daughter of Martin and Coretta Scott is also a fundamentalist preacher and a leader in the anti gay movement.

Her many homophobic stances are in direct conflict with the teachings and practices of both of her parents, who were always inclusive in practice and toward the end of their lives, in speech.

The blatant homophobic tendencies of the Black church are literally killing our people and our community.

Choosing the Reverend King to head the iconic SCLC would be a major step backward instead of forward into the 21st century. The Black church has failed to lead when it comes to the issues destroying our communities.

Rather than face the scourge that is AIDS or the violence that permeates our neighborhoods, the church has chosen to hide behind outdated thinking, wrapping itself in the irrelevance of the past, while wondering out loud why their congregations are shrinking.

It is time for all Black organizations to rejoin the fight for civil rights in the way the fight was defined by Martin and Malcolm and Fannie and Bayard and the others who go nameless...

It was a fight for the rights of all people....not just some people...

As long as one is bound..so, too, are the rest of us...bound and not free..

Reverend Bernice King would be a refreshing change, but she would be the wrong change for a struggling Black Community that desperately needs direction free of false platitudes ...


They Done Lost They Minds

(originally posted 7/11/06)

This is a reminder that crazy shit's been going on forever...It didn't begin when Obama decided to seek the presidency...The Orly Taitz of the world hide among us waiting to be triggered into nutty activity designed to draw attention to their perverted self centeredness....Nutbags probably were hiding in the bushes of the Garden of Eden...and they will keep us happy company until the time when it does all end....

Has everyone on this planet gone crazy?

What was that in New York yesterday when the building blew up? Well, according to reports, the owner of the building, a doctor, locked in a bitter divorce dispute with his wife, blew the building up in an attempt to kill himself. WHAT?!

What was he doing, trying to shoot himself in the head with a bazooka rocket, missed and ended up torching the place?

The report goes on to state that Dr. Bartha was apparently despondent over the fact that a court had ruled his soon to be ex wife deserved half the building which was worth somewhere around 5-10 million dollars depending on who you're listening to.

He survived, by the way, and nobody else died either. Although I'm sure he scared the shit out of everybody on the upper eastside.

Okay, so he has to sell his building which he bought in 1993 or there abouts. He gives his wife, what, say 5-million dollars, she's gone from his life and he moves on, right? He's free to carouse with all those 20-something blondes, brunettes and redheads looking for a sugar daddy in the big apple.

What's the problem? Why go and disrupt the lives of so many people just to stick it to your wife one last time.

How egomaniacal is that?

The arrogance of this man just boggles my brain.

I mean, I would be happy to have 5-million on either end of that scenario and I would be willing to bet the Doctor is probably worth a lot more than that.

When Doc gets out of the hospital he needs to be locked up with that other fool from a couple of weeks ago who brutally killed his ex and then shot the Judge through a courthouse window.

They deserve to accompany each other straight into hell.


And less you think that egomania is confined to the East Coast, think again. Some mega church religious groups out west are actively trying to bring about Armageddon, according to the Los Angeles Times.

They apparently can't wait for Jesus to make up his own mind about when he is coming back. They want to help him by doing a lot of stuff to pave the way, since they feel we are at "End Times."

What are they doing, well, they're flying plane loads of missionaries to Israel in an attempt to convert all Jews to Christianity so they can find Christ and be saved. By doing this, they say, Jesus should be cleared for landing within the next two decades, give or take a few years.


Iran's latest crazy man is paving the way for the Mahdi to return and wipe out Christianity. The Mahdi is the last true prophet of Mohammed's true heirs, chosen by God to lead the faithful. The number of righteous descendants is 12, by the way. Iran's ruler thinks the Mahdi will come to Tehran in two years.


Some Jews are attempting to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem, on a site that is currently holding one of Islam's holiest shrines. These Jews feel that if they can rebuild the Temple, Islam will be wiped off the face of the earth and God will be happy.

And then there is Clyde Lott of Mississippi, self styled preacher and cattle rancher.
He is attempting to breed a unique herd of heifers as required by an obscure passage in the Bible. Sacrifice of these special cows will hasten the return of the Messiah, he thinks.

He wants to raise them and ship them enmass to Israel for the Jews, but so far, they don't want em citing the dangers of mad cow disease. So Lott has shipped them off to Nebraska instead.

Why is all this happening?

Well, if you read Revelation it says:

"Jews return to Israel after 2000 years, the Holy Temple is rebuilt, billions of people perish during seven years of natural disasters and plagues, the antichrist arises and rules the world, the battle of Armageddon erupts in the vicinity of Israel. Jesus returns to defeat Satan's armies and preside over Judgement Day."

So basically all these folks are doing all this stuff in order to hasten the day when they can stand before Jesus and be judged.

Do they really think he is going to let them into heaven?


Orly Taitz...Not a Citizen

UPDATE: Since writing this post, and after further investigation, apparently Taitz is an American citizen. She is also campaigning to become California Secretary of State. Taitz is campaigning as a Republican, and has pledged to continue her pursuit of Barack Obama..

More on the Queen of the Birther movement....seems old girl is everything she has accused Obama of being....not born in the United States and not a citizen...born or otherwise...

Taitz was apparently born in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldavia...that makes her an old school communist...or commie pinko fag...as I believe the term was back in the day..

She went from there to Israel. In 1987 she emigrated to the United States...And after acquiring her "law degree" went on her rampage against Obama.....

The only state where she is allowed to use her online internet law degree has filed a complaint asking that she be disbarred...Check this out for more information, including a PDF link to the original complaint..


So Who the F*** is Orly Taitz?

I've been asking that question since she became the force behind the Obama birth certificate mess. I got to see her for the first time today via Youtube. View for yourself. Seems she has allegedly found Obama's African birth certificate and well...judge for yourself...

This woman claims to be a dentist and an attorney. Well, I looked her up and she has an undergraduate degree from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Her law degree was granted by William Howard Taft University. She is registered with the California Bar as of 2002.

William Howard Taft University is an online school that was set up originally to certify Public Accountants in 1976. The curriculum was later expanded to grant two kinds of law degrees, neither of which qualifies anyone holding them to practice in a court of law, this according to the school's own publicity records.

They can, apparently, file motions, as Taitz has done repeatedly

However, while she is allowed to practice in California the California State Bar does not accredit the William Howard Taft Law School.

Nor does the American Bar Association. In fact any law student who wants to take the Bar must first take what's called the Baby Bar Exam, in order to qualify to take the Big Bar exam.

California is the only state that allows online law school students to sit for the Bar exam in the first place.

She has no certification in any other state in the union. She does have posted on her website a certificate allowing her to argue before the United States Supreme Court. However fill out a questionaire, and fork over $200 and you, or I could do the same thing.

And as for this Kenyan birth certificate....well...it's been pretty much debunked already as a forgery.

You can read about it here

If you need to look up what constitutes a natural born citizen..check it out here,

A couple of last thoughts....threats on Obama's life are up 400% since he took office. That's over and above what Dubya suffered through...


John McCain is going to vote against confirming Judge Sotomayor...he has announced..

So much for bipartisan governance..

So much for racial harmony in America.

The Kindness of Strangers

originally posted on 8/8/06....during a visit to the mountains of Alabama)

When you're growing up, your mom always tells you to never talk to strangers.It's a survival tactic passed on from parent to child and it is good practice. But I guess I have some of Blanche DuBois in me when it comes to meeting people.

One of my favorite things to do in the whole world is exactly that- talk to strangers when I travel. It is the best way to get to know the places where you are and to remember them when you return. Time passes, but the conversations and memories will always be with you.

Which brings me back to Mentone, Alabama, home to some really nice people and good places to chow down on real home cooking in between shopping for bargains at the world's longest yard sale.

I got lost wandering around the top of the mountain while searching for our cabin and I was alone since the rest of my party was driving in from South Carolina. I'm a buckeye girl, born and raised in Ohio and presently living in the Queen City, Cincinnati. So I had to ask for help and that meant driving onto private property and interrupting people I saw and asking them to guide me to where I needed to be.

I met a short round woman who reflected my similar build and who was famous in the area for making jewelry and a man who had moved to the area less than a year ago. They lived pretty far apart and may not have known each other although they were neighbors, sort of. They lived off the same state route 89.

The tall thin man with no local accent, was grilling steaks on his deck. I interrupted him, but he was very cool, scratched his head after reading the directions I was attempting to decipher, apologized for never having heard of the place I was looking for and sent me back the way I'd come. He didn't offer up any steak. I wasn't hungry and wouldn't have said so anyway. I was hearing my mother in my head with that other parental admonition-"don't take candy/food from anyone who isn't family."

I finally found the cabin with the help of a couple on a harley davidson motorcycle who stopped for the stop sign near where I parked attempting to read the directions again. They would've been my neighbors having rented a nearby cabin, but their vacation was over so they were headed home to Huntsville.

Bikers sometimes look intimidating because of what they wear, but past experience has taught me, they usually give great directions. So I asked her on the back of the bike and he answered from the front. All the time I was trying not to ogle the dragon tattoo that started at his throat and disappeared down the front of his vest. They got me where I needed to be.


Now to find my sister and some sustenance. Tiring work being lost and temporarily homeless.


Off to see The Wizards

(originally posted 7/4/06...following the acquisition of my own pair of ruby red slippers for travelling purposes)

Here I am halfway thru my fifth decade and I never knew that Judy Garland's Wizard of Oz was a remake of a remake and that The Wiz with Diana Ross was a remake of a remake of a remake.

Wiz number one was a 13 minute short made in 1910. The second one came about in 1925. Both were in black and white and were silent. The 1925 version had a black man in it as one of the main characters. It also had Oliver Hardy without Stan Laurel.

All of the films manage to hit the high points of the L. Frank Baum story. But Toto has a much bigger role in the 1910 version. He is actually transformed by Glinda into a big dog protector of Dorothy. In fact, he's about as big as the lion. And there is a donkey and a cow along with the tin man and scarecrow. The movie also ends without Dorothy returning home, something of a mystery.

I like the cyclone in the 1910 version too. It was a haystack that was lifted with Dorothy, the cow, donkey and scarecrow inside it and twirled in front of painted paper that was supposed to be scenery.

I watched all of the versions on Turner Classic Movies back to back starting with the 1939 Judy Garland version. It still has the most impact on me, I guess because It imprinted itself on my psyche when I was so young. When I was small, it was only shown once a year, around Easter and we watched it as a family.

The Wiz came about when I was older, in 1978. Never liked Diana Ross but I loved Michael Jackson and Nipsey Russell. I had already seen the stage version by then too.

To my mind Stephanie Mills was the only Dorothy, the true successor to Judy Garland, and the only one who can sing the song "HOME.."


Palin Divorce

Alaska news agencies reporting Todd and Sarah are ending their marriage...

Check it out here...

Thanks paul, for the tip....

Palin denies.....calls it a rumor.....see it here..

You Want to Do What?

(originally posted 7/30/06.....as I contemplate leaving the world of baldness and regrowing my hair)

What makes white women think that because we are both women, that they can put their hands on me or ask me questions like a sister as in sibling, not sistah?

I had this peroxided, limp, shoulder length hair, roots showing white girl come up to me and reach toward my head. She wanted to rub my head, because as she said, it looks so soft.

She didn't ask, she just reached. I nearly broke her arm. I slapped away her hand. I didn't know where her hands had been. I barely knew her. We were acquaintances, meaning we had exchanged useless chit chat in the recent past. But I've never tried or even wanted to reach out and touch for any reason. She didn't apologize for the intrusion, only melted away perplexed at my reaction.

I know in my cooler, more rational moments that it's a cultural thing, Whites have no concept of personal space. Whereas Blacks have an invisible area around us that you don't step into unless you intend to fight. Pointing your finger into someone's face or at them is another cultural no-no that whites don't understand.

And touching a Black woman's hair.... well that will get you killed..period.

My own hair is basically non existent these days. I'm almost bald by choice....my head is covered with fuzz that I get trimmed every few weeks at the barbershop. I don't go to a beauty parlor cause women stylists aren't trained in hair cutting. I go to a female barber who knows her business..

My head is totally liberated from the need to flip my locks like white girls and some black women with weaves are wont to do. As Indie Airie says, I am not my hair.

I love getting caught in a rain storm with no hat, rain beating on my scalp, pouring down my face. Talk about orgasmic. Whoo! Makes me want to take all my clothes off and just stand there in God's shower with my arms reaching up and out, with a stupid grin on my face like Tim Robbins in The Shawshank Redemption when he escaped prison.

And when I sweat, it beads on my head. I can feel the moisture on my skin rather then watch my hair go limp or frizzy from humidity.

This recent incident brought back another time when a white woman got touch crazy. I was working behind the service desk at Zayre. My hair was Angela Davis long...afro'd and picked and well taken care of and still soft. No hair spray no dandruff, just fierce and proud as we used to say..

White people didn't know what to think back in the day. They kept asking how do you get your hair to stand out like that? The bolder ones, usually women, would ask can I touch it?

Since I was at work at the time and still shedding my good Negro-ness (another story, another time), I let her touch me, but vowed inwardly never to let it happen again. She satisfied her curiosity about the black girl. I felt humiliated and slightly dirty.

So let me tell ya...if you see me and want to rub my head, you better ask somebody first..

Ya feel me?