McCain, One Uppity MoFo...er...Maverick

Presumptuous.....Uppity....Disrespectful....Narcissistic....I’m talking about McCain. He’s sending his boys, Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham to Georgia to show....what?...that he is large and in charge?...that he is the one who will make the decision about pulling Georgian ass out of its self inflicted bonfire.

Yes, they are both senators and both sit on the Armed Services Committee. But both also have their respective noses planted firmly up McCain’s butt.

I guess McCain is making hay while Obama is on vacation and I hope the MSM realizes this and calls this grandstanding for what it is....a blatant attempt to hijack the party away from Dubya. Or maybe it’s a subversive attempt by the back room neocons who control McCain’s campaign, to keep control of the flagging GOP.

No matter what you think of Shrub....and I mean I have absolutely no love for the guy...he is still the president...still the one in control and still the one who has to make the real decisions. McCain’s decision to call a news conference, no less, smacks of hubris.

McCain is playing politics, period. He is doing what the neocons want him to do.....using war and its background to scare and control people. Karl Rove may be gone, but his mini me’s are running rampant at the head of McCain’s bid for the White House. McCain is apparently to dim to realize he is being used, again.

This Georgia thing is more B.S. instigated by our current White House. Dubya’s made promises he can’t possibly keep.... and the Georgian President was not bright enough to recognize the Shrub talk for what it was, namely some misguided cowboy bravado.

As a result, we’ve got a minor ally facing off against one of the really bad guys in the world, demanding that we jump in, when we can’t, even if we wanted to. Which I hope we don’t. I like living between world wars, not during.

Let’s see if Condi really is the Soviet expert and up to the task. Let’s see if she can put a lid on this explosion, before vigilante John McQ fogs up things more.

Message to McCain......... Hey John....this is for real...not a campaign ad or a rehearsal....put your feet back into your 500 dollar ferragamo loafers and go sit down!
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