Did I Just Miss the Election?

Or is John McCain attempting to act presidential with his hawkish vibrato on the Georgia-Russia situation.

If this is his idea of showing us how well prepared he is to lead this country, then I have a few problems with his style. The John Wayne style of shooting from the hip and asking questions later doesn’t work in the real world anymore, if it ever did. And if he is attempting to live up to his misnamed nickname, then he is screwing that up, too. Maverick’s are loners who follow their own way. Madonna’s a maverick, Jane Fonda’s a maverick, Cool Hand Luke’s a maverick, Jack Nicholson’s a maverick, Dennis Kucinich is a maverick, Ron Paul is a maverick, Ralph Nader is a maverick....John McCain?.......nah!

Telling a group of reporters that countries don’t invade other countries in the 21st century was just plain dumb. Think about it, John....how did we get into Iraq, again? Did Saddam invite us for tea and a sleep over? No matter what Dubya’s reasons were, it was an invasion, plain and simple, and it happened in the 21st century.

And that other thing you said.....there is an old saying; don’t let your mouth make promises that your ass can’t keep. If you don’t occupy the White House, you can’t declare all of us Americans, Georgians and then tell those people “we’ve” got your back. I mean, where you git that “we” shit kemo sabe?

That’s a punch line from an old joke that McCain is old enough to know..Hell, he was probably there when it was written.

The joke goes like this; The Lone Ranger and his faithful Indian companion Tonto are riding along when suddenly they find themselves surrounded by Indians. The Lone Ranger looks at Tonto and says, “well old friend, I guess this is it, we’re outnumbered.” To which Tonto leans back on his horse and replies, “where you git that “we” shit kemo sabe..”

I’m with Tonto. I ain’t in this mess and I don’t like being put in the middle of a situation created by some useless promises and platitudes issued by that other fool, who still does occupy the White House.

McCain’s obviously missed the fact that we’re kind of short on troops these days what with those situations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Going guns blazing into Georgia would probably get us into a shooting match with Russia and drag the rest of the world down the non returnable rabbit hole of World War III.

The last time I looked, Shrub was still president, Dick Cheney was still VP. I don’t recall seeing John McCain listed anywhere in the current chain of command. And I do seem to recall him lambasting Obama in commercial after frickin commercial, about attempting to be presidential when he hasn’t yet won the election. At least Bush is sending his Russian expert, Condi Rice. Finally, she gets to do something other than play piano and demonstrate her predawn exercise routine.

Diplomacy is the way adults handle situations. The red phone is not some button in the cockpit of a practice mini bomber. Press the button and we lose the pilot and plane. Pick up the red phone and we lose the world.

Think about it, genius.

At the rate McCain is going, we can just hold Obama’s coronation tomorrow, or whenever he returns from vacation.
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