Rock Star Bill

If Bill Clinton was a rock star, he would have ended up underneath a mountain of panties after his speech tonight. It’s easy to see why he gets any woman he wants. The sexy MF.

His power was on full display as he threw his support behind Barack Obama, tonight. Hillary’s speech last night, in sports parlance, may have been a home run in some people’s minds, but Bill hit a grand slam out of the park and over the wall.

Bill gave the speech that everyone has been waiting for. He systematically dismembered the GOP, George Bush and John McCain. He cut so deep, they probably don’t even realize that they are bleeding yet.

I’ve been mad at Clinton since South Carolina. I guess, hurt, because until that point he had my undivided attention and support. I wanted Hillary to win because I wanted more of Bill in the White House. But then he said what he said. I got mad. And even after, he didn’t make it any better. He continued to place his foot in his mouth and to seemingly denigrate Obama, unfairly.

But we all know Bill...He is that dude who can get any woman, be friends with any man......screw both and smile all the while he’s doing it. He is the kind of guy who ticks you off...but then comes back and does something that makes you smile, charms you and tells you he didn’t really mean it.

The teflon-coated S.O.B....nothing sticks to him....ever...or at least forever...You can’t stay mad at him..even when he deserves it.

After Clinton’s speech tonight, all Barack has to do is follow the arrows through the plan, give it an Obama spin and make us happy.
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