McCain in Dayton

I keep hearing that John McCain is going to hold a massive rally on August 29th, which happens to be his birthday, in Dayton, Ohio. The speculation continues that he will announce his VP during this huge rally of at least 10,000 strong.

I have some problems with this rumor....er, story....

1-the guy who announced this rally via his blog and is allegedly being asked to organize the Dayton event...one Alex Triantafilou...is the same guy who couldn’t get more than a handful of GOP faithful to show up on Fountain Square in Cincinnati to support McCain when he spoke at the NAACP convention. When I say handful, I mean just that. There were barely 20 McCain people on the square when McCain spoke July 16th...I was there....I counted them and wrote about it previously....


2-Dayton is not in Hamilton County, Ohio. Triantafilou is chairman of the Hamilton County GOP. He couldn’t pull the numbers in his own backyard in Cincinnati, which is in Hamilton County and McCain or someone in his campaign is going to ask him to organize 50 miles away in another city? Makes no sense.

Why not ask the GOP bigwigs like Portman, Boehner, or Chabot for some help...there are hundreds of GOP ‘ers who could probably do a better job of organizing then what I have seen from this guy Triantafilou..

3- After Triantafilou wrote about the alleged event, it disappeared from his blog. Yet other bloggers and members of the MSM are reporting the story as fact...even though they haven’t been able to confirm any of it according to their own stories. I can find no one who has spoken with Triantafilou or anyone who matters.

One guy attributed to one blog...which attributed it to another blog...which attributed it to another blog.....That’s not confirmation.

I've got a call in to this guy, too...but I don't think he's going to call me back.

4- I visited the various GOP websites for my state...none listing any kind of event in Dayton on August 29th....well maybe they are keeping it close to the vest, for now.

5-The Nutter Center is open on the 29th according to its calendar of events....so maybe it might happen....But the numbers...10,000 folks on a Friday...day or night.....I doubt it......It’s kind of like the 18% African American vote supporting McCain that a polling group says exists in Ohio....Don’t think so...

But then, I’m not a prophet...just an observer..
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