Ya'll Done Lost ya'll Minds

First Mississippi wanted to pass a law banning fat people from restaurants. Now Alabama is going to charge state workers 25-dollars per month for being obese.

The money is a charge for health insurance, which is free if you’re skinny. Workers have been told they have a year to shape up or they will have to shell out the cash for the insurance.

Smokers are already paying because they smoke. The ones who are also overweight will have to ante up an additional 25-dollars per month.

Smacks of too much control by corporations over workers, in my book. The smoking argument has already seen some corporations demanding smokers quit all together...not even smoking at home. Two women were fired from their jobs for refusing to adhere to the policy.

And what about the big boned people? People overweight because of the meds they take? It's not always about eating...is it?

I believe we should be healthy, but I think it is also our right not to be, if we don’t want to or can't. Isn’t that what America is all about?
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