From Halfakin American to Little Black Man- child....

The latest racial slur from that viagra addicted, hillbilly heroin popping, walking waste of oxygen named Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh was discussing Obama and the news media’s refusal to criticize him. Check out the text:
I try not write about or even mention this fool, primarily because I have standards in my life and in my writing...Name calling is not what I like or want to do. So I try to keep it civil. And I really believe that whatever you put forth in the universe, comes back at you. But hell, I’m human and some MF’s need to be called out. Rush Limbaugh is a disgrace....an embarrassment to journalists, media anybody who professionally picks up pen and paper or uses a keyboard to express themselves.

I will give him effort for creativity..."little black man-child"......a new way to call somebody "boy."

Limbaugh is not funny...he is not original...he is not civil.....he is not truthful...nor honest....

His arrogance is overwhelming...he doesn’t even try to veil his racist, misogynistic, and chauvinistic tendencies.

But I guess, as long as you can get someone to pay you 20-million dollars a year to voice this crap then you must be doing something right...right?

God bless the capitalistic state of America!
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