Obama Nation

You may have heard that the wingnut who successfully swift boated John Kerry a couple of years ago, is attempting to do the same thing to Barack Obama.

Jerome Corsi, a bigot of monumental proportions, judging from what he calls journalism, has penned a book called “The Obama Nation,” that currently rides atop the New York Times bestseller list.

The book is number one with an asterisk instead of a bullet because real sales figures have yet to show up. The figures do show that a bunch of right wing conservative organizations are buying the book in bulk to either pass out for free or just to prop up sales.

Rather than sit back and let it happen like Kerry did, Obama has launched a rebuttal to set the record straight.

You can find it here; http://obama.3cdn.net/a74586f9067028c40a_5km6vrqwa.pdf

Meantime, Corsi is doing what he does best...show up on white power radio shows and websites talking trash about blacks, jews, Catholics, women and everyone else who is not white, male and old...
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