I’ve just got to ask.....are Hill-Billy on John McCain’s payroll?

I was so underwhelmed at her speech last night that I decided to write this morning rather than go with my feelings immediately after. However, waking up, I’m still not feeling her. I truly believe she wants democrats to win in November...But I think she is still ticked off at Obama for crashing her assumed triumphal march back to the White House.

She hit all the right notes...fired the correct buzz words...slammed McCain with a good catchphrase...”No way, No how, No McCain.”

Hillary said she is supporting Obama and I think she will. But I guess what I’m missing is the passion...the emotion...the fervor that signifies intent.

The speech was lackluster. I kept waiting for the punch line that was never delivered. When she finished, all I could think was.....Is that all there is?

She came across to me as someone merely doing her duty....like a supportive wife, going along with the program for the sake of the kids.

Bill, sitting in the audience silently mouthing “I love you,” looked about as genuine as some of his recent remarks to reporters when they asked him to endorse Obama. He still won’t even say that Obama is qualified for the job.

Bottom line....the Clintons still appear to be sulking and in shell shock from having the rug pulled out from under their re-coronation.

I hope that the media will let them fade into the background. Obama will be better for it. His campaign to date, has shown that he doesn’t need Clinton approval.

Maybe the MSM will get that and stop asking for it.
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