Enough with the Fluff

Let’s get back on Point, shall we........I was going to comment about why Sarah Palin’s selection as a vice presidential candidate amounts to little more than peripheral B. S., but somebody’s already put up a website.

I can’t say it any better...so...check it out for yourself:


In my readings today, I came across an article that states even Palin’s mother in law isn’t sure what she brings to the national stage or why McCain chose her:


And then there is the story about the two biggest newspapers in Alaska...neither of whom considers Palin qualified to be Vice President, let alone commander in chief..


It’s weird when the hometown newspapers won’t support the native son, or in this case daughter...

Late breaking stuff today...More of McCain's obvious forgetfulness...

I do believe we have stepped off into the twilight zone.

One other thing caught my eye today....Cindy is offended that Obama keeps talking about her husband’s houses....She never defended her husband...she took it as a slap against her father...her dead father...the one who left her the 100-million dollars...and who was a convicted felon..actually served time in jail.......Lady has her priorities in order...

Question: Why wasn’t the McCain adopted daughter on the PEOPLE magazine cover? Why is she never mentioned...did they unadopt her?....send her back to Mother Teresa?

Just asking..
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