The Congresswoman and the Shogun

Ohio lost a piece of its history, today with the passing of Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones. She was the first black woman elected to the House of Representatives from this state. Reports said she suffered a brain aneurysm while driving yesterday.

The five term Congresswoman was also a Super Delegate who originally supported Hillary Clinton. She endorsed Obama when Hillary suspended her campaign.

My heart goes out to her family.


One of my most favorite bad guys in the movies has to be Sho Nuff...the Shogun of Harlem from the little movie called The Last Dragon. It was a chop saki movie about a guy who wanted to be Bruce Lee who had to face off against the Shogun and his gang karate experts in order to save his girlfriend played by Vanity and his father’s pizza shop.

Julius Carey III played the Shogun and stole every scene...Heck, he stole the whole movie.

Carey died of pancreatic cancer today. He will be missed.
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