More Lies Than Black People at the RNC

I gotta give it to Romney and Ryan. When it comes to brass balls, these guys hang huge.

Now that they have accepted their respective nominations for president and vice president, I have learned a few more things about this pair.

Romney/Ryan obviously think the American people are as dumb as elephant shit-that we walk around with a big fat “S” for stupid stamped on our foreheads in a perpetual sign of stupidity, easily read by anyone who wants to sell us something.

These masters of the universe would rather lie than tell the truth about their invisible plans for America and don't give a damn when even the mainstream media calls them on it.

I mean yesterday, nearly every major news outlet, including Fox called Paul Ryan a liar to his face, in no uncertain terms, didn't mince words, and Romney/Ryan looked back and said “So what!” It was no big deal. Apparently, the American people don't need the truth. The American people can't handle the truth apparently. And some of the darker portions of America apparently are incapable of understanding the truth, if you listen to Romney/Ryan.

So Romney had his big night last night to let us in on who he really, really is, and all I saw was the same ole white man I been looking at my entire fucking life. The same ole white man who still considers me a savage, who still knows better than I do what I need in my life and how I need to live my life. I saw the same ole white man who wants to control every single aspect of me, and fully expects me to sit there like a good little brown lapdog and take it.

The lies outnumbered the Black people at the Republican National Convention of Delusional white folk.

Despite the chants of “USA” there was no America present inside that arena, just a bunch of old xenophobics, their colored sycophants, and their young offspring being raised up to take their place in a bigoted but disappearing WASP social order.

To paraphase Kanye West; “Romney/Ryan still don't like Black people.” Hell, he don't like women or gay people either. Based on the various looks that painted his face in the cut aways, doesn't look as if he likes his kids or wife either.

People of Color and women serve only one purpose within the GOP and that is to make a magnificent stage presence every four years when they decide to lay claim on the White House, and it's the same old story, the lie of the “big tent” republican party.

There is no big tent. There is not even a sleeping bag on the ground for anyone other than white males. Been like that way since Richard Nixon.

The reason Blacks aren't republican anymore is policy. The policies of the Republican Party changed to the point where today, being Black and joining the GOP is the same as volunteering to stand in front of a firing squad armed with live ammunition, after the GOP assures you the guns aren't really loaded.

None the less, some are jumping at the chance, because being a black practice dummy for white folks carries big monetary benefits and notoriety, should they choose you to be their token. Much easier to fight for space among the few, rather than among the many who populate the Democratic Party. Ain't that right, Artur? Policy be damned..I'll take the money..right Mia? (Ouuuu, look Mattel's made Barbie in Blackface!)

To be sure, there are chocolate defenders everywhere, surrounding and protecting the masters of the universe out of the goodness of their conflicted hearts. But they are always marginal players, not playing any part in the big picture nor sharing in the real wealth. The money stays at the top. It's the Republican way, right Mike Steele, Kenny Blackwell? Anybody seen Alan K lately? Ijs

Romney/Ryan is once again selling “trickle down voodoo econ” but you can bet ain't nothin tricklin' nowhere. 

Romney/Ryan is selling NeoCon fantasies wrapped up in delusions of American exceptionalism, and Voodoo Economics cloaked in vicious Jim Crow bigotry. It's the Bush Doctrine on steroids, Nothing remotely compassionate or moderately conservative.

Buy at your own risk and vote responsibly in November.


Mitt Romney and the GOP Fakin the Funk

Watching the opening session of the GOP convention in Tampa was painful, but not in the sense that you would think. It was painful because it was obvious that except for his wife and kids, nobody really likes Mitt Romney.

Yes, they gave him the nomination. Yes, he will be their flag bearer and public face in this next election. But obviously, the GOP is not happy about it. Seems as if they really, really, really want someone else to sacrifice against the President.

For the most part, the applause was perfunctory. Oh, there were plenty of applause lines written into the various badly delivered speeches ( Ann Romney, accomplished public speaker...please), but most of the people simply sat on their hands and looked, well frankly, constipated.

Keynote speaker Chris Christie, who was supposed to fire up the crowd, waded through nearly two thirds of his 20 minute speech before evening mentioning the name of the nominee. Then he went back to the true subject of his speech-himself. What was he doing, preparing for 2016?

The whole room looked like it had been fed Ex Lax and whoever did it also locked the bathroom doors. Pitiful. Absolutely pitiful. The cut aways to the crowd were telling. Grim faces...obvious attempts to look like they gave a damn, when they don't. Sad. Truly sad.

I attended every single GOP and Democratic Convention from 1976 until 1996 and it was always a party, regardless of the political reality of the time. This one is bad. The delegates look as if they have given up, already, and they are not even trying to fake enthusiasm for good ole Mittens.

Maybe we should just give Tampa to Isaac, cancel the Democratic convention and move straight to the vote. Looks like we've already won, if last night's GOP fling was any indication.

Vote responsibly in November.


Priesse and Akin, Too Many Dumb Asses, Not Enough Time

I am so tired...bigots and the chronically ignorant, drive me up a wall and this week, we've got several from which to choose.

Spent the past couple of days dealing with the idiot from Missouri, Todd Akin, who apparently doesn't understand how pregnancy works, nor the difference between having sex and being raped.

Akin exposed for the clueless,  the general consensus thinking of the entire GOP. in that women can only get pregnant when they want to. Therefore they don't need contraception nor fertility help. It's all inside our body, just like those transvaginal probes they've been dying to stick into our birth canals. It's also up to government to protect idjit, and naive men from bad women who also routinely lie about pregnancy and how it comes about, thus entrapping the poor unsuspecting males with false claims of rape and paternity.

The GOP platform, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, will officially assume these ignorant positions next week during the Republican convention in Tampa.

At last word, Akin is continuing his run for the United States Senate, to which I can only say...please...please....send this fool packin!

While all this hoopla was going on nationally, here in Ohio, one of John boy Kasich's minions stuck his foot into his mouth, revealing the racism festering inside the State Capital.

Said Doug Priesse and Kasich advisor in an email to the Columbus Dispatch newspaper, about lengthening early voting hours to accommodate those who prefer to vote before the election;

I guess I really actually feel we shouldn’t contort the voting process to accommodate the urban — read African-American — voter-turnout machine.”-Doug Priesse

And with that stupidity tripping off his lips, Priesse shut down weekend early voting in Ohio. Statistics show early voting is a tool Blacks use to vote, since most are working during business hours, the only time to vote is on the weekends.

However, Kasich and his boys know that Blacks ain't necessarily turning out for his boy Mitt Romney, so they had to figure out other ways to suppress the vote. They came up with this one after other voter suppression methods were exposed and halted. It should be noted that Doug Priesse, in addition to being Kasich's chief advisor, is also head of the Ohio Republican Party.

The Ohio GOP has a history of voter suppression. You will recall the efforts of homeboy Ken Blackwell, who among other things stooped so low as to demand that only a certain type of paper could be used for ballots. It had to weigh a certain amount or it couldn't be counted. He did this while Secretary of State of Ohio. And of course, this was after he managed to “disappear” more than 200,000 black votes in Cleveland to give Bush the election in 2000. Blackwell attempted to screw with the vote in 2004 as well.

The GOP knows it can't win an election outright if people turn out to vote, so they do everything in their power to steal elections and they've gotten good at it, too.

The thing these two dumb asses have in common is that they exposed what is general thinking inside their party. They don't see anything wrong with what they did or said. It was just business as usual for the Republicans machine. The republican machine was not happy about being exposed, but again, they don't understand the error of their ways.

Vote responsibly in November


Romney, Akin, Ryan, GOP War on Women Continues

Make no mistake about it, the GOP couldn't give a righteous damn about women or their birth control or their health insurance benefits. The only  problem with Missouri Congressman Todd Akin's statement this past weekend was its timing.

He made it during the republican campaign to take back the White House from the Black interloper named Barack Obama, at a time when the GOP is getting ready to once again codify misogyny and blatant discrimination into their party platform, next week during their convention in Tampa.

That is the only reason that Romney hypocritically disavowed it, or that all the two-faced bigwig republican money men disowned Akin, or that other  misogynistic Republican House members denounced him. They don't disagree with him in any way shape or form.

They just didn't like his timing. But they totally agree with him politically, and they are betting that women have such short attention spans that come November we won't give a damn about Akin or the Romney/Ryan "not even for rape or incest" stance either.

Notice that presumptive VP Paul Ryan is very quiet on the subject. He is allowing the “head” of his ticket to talk on the matter. Ryan can't say anything overt because he still believes the bullshit and voted along with 250 other House members to attempt to sponsor or pass into law some 67 measures designed to give government control over women and their bodies. For instance;

1. No Tax Payer funding for Abortion Act
2. Protect Life Act (Let women die Act)
3. Abortion Nondiscrimination Act of 2011
4. Respect for Life of Conscience Act of 2011
5. DC Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act
6. Ultrasound Informed Consent Act

Not one of these bills takes into account the well being of the woman or the circumstances under which she becomes pregnant. The only concern is for the zygote or cell mass inside her body, and only for as long as it is inside her body. Once it's born, screw it, literally. GOP policy. 

Raped....doesn't matter, unless the rape occurs at the hands of a doctor using an intravaginal probe...then that kind of rape is okay and legal, right? The republicans still plan to control a woman's right to choose even when she is raped or her health is at stake.

Akin has issued another apology, this one in the form of a campaign ad stating once again that he used the wrong words and really, really, really doesn't harbor any ill feelings against women in general, because after all, he understands how heinous is the crime of rape, and that he is the father of two female children.

Whoopie fuckin' deal...

It's not just Akin...it's Romney, Ryan and the whole of the GOP. It's also 16 blue dog democrats who consistently side with republicans against women. The war on women is real, coming from both sides of the aisle and from both parties. Time to send everybody a message.

Wake up women and vote responsibly in November.


Romney/Ryan Connection to Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin

Yesterday's “misspeak” by Missouri Congressman Todd Akin is not he first time that he has attacked women. The dipshit who coined the term “legitimate rape,” this past weekend, is also the same dumb ass who cosponsored HR358, otherwise known as the Let Women Die Bill, as well as another bill that literally attempted to change the definition of rape, before saner heads prevailed.

Guess who co sponsored and also voted for these two pieces of crap legislation? If you guessed Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan, you would be absolutely correct.

Ryan describes himself as “so pro life” that only the possible death of the mother would make him consider allowing an abortion. Ryan is against abortion in all instances including rape and incest. So much so, that he is willing to sign onto legislation designed to hurt women and women's health.

So when Akin said;

"From what I understand from doctors, that's really rare," Akin said of pregnancy resulting from rape. "If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. But let's assume maybe that didn't work or something. I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be on the rapist."

You can believe he was also speaking for his buddy Paul Ryan. That's why he didn't see anything wrong with what he said, or that anyone else would take exception. For what it is worth, Romney/Ryan tried to distance itself from Akin's comments, but talk is cheap. They are bullshitting women and anybody else who is listening.

And don't let the fact that Paul Ryan brings his mother along on the campaign trail fool you. If Ryan is willing to use his own mother to lie about his politics, imagine what he plans for the rest of us.

Romney/ Ryan is a bad deal for America.  Romney/Ryan is a disastrous combination for women, period. This ticket is willing to literally change the definition to do away with rape. You can read about that here, and it is very apparent that in their minds, there is no such thing as rape or incest, in the first place. And since women's bodies can naturally counteract pregnancies, there is no reason for birth control either, is there. Think about it, people.

The almighty and sacred sperm rules. End of discussion.

Vote responsibly in November.


Will Somebody Please Tell Me, WTF is “Legitimate Rape”

Just when I thought I had heard all the simple-assed shit that some of the stupidest Congressional mutherfuckers can bend their minescule mouths to say, now comes Representative Todd Akin of Missouri. You can read the whole story here

During a TV interview this weekend, this dimmest of dimwits was asked for his stance on abortion in the case of rape or incest and this is what he said:

"If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. But let's assume maybe that didn't work or something. I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be on the rapist."-Todd Akin
And I'm not even going to deal with the biological bullshit of how women's bodies handle pregnancies. I can't direct my mind to go there.
Corrective rape is the belief held by many men who think a woman can be fucked straight, if she happens to be lesbian or he thinks she is lesbian in the fantasies inside his head where all women are lesbian. She doesn't even have to be gay.  Women were created solely to give blowjobs, take sex through any orifice and bear the great master's off spring. 
All she has to do is to refuse the attention from the wrong male..stranger, friend, boyfriend, daddy, uncle, granddaddy, it don't matter. As long as he has a dick and can get it up, in his “god's gift to woman” state of mind, no woman will resist him.
Is legitimate  rape the American version of corrective rape? Inquiring minds want to know.
I'll bet this turd probably voted with his party to change the definition of rape, earlier this year, too. Makes sense since he obviously doesn't believe there is such a thing as rape to begin with.
Must have gotten some heat for his public display of ignorance because he's already issued a statement of sorta apology which says in part;
In reviewing my off-the-cuff remarks, it's clear that I misspoke in this interview and it does not reflect the deep empathy I hold for the thousands of women who are raped and abused every year. Those who perpetrate these crimes are the lowest of the low in our society and their victims will have no stronger advocate in the Senate to help ensure they have the justice they deserve.”-Todd Akin
Say Amen somebody, he's a convert. He sees the error of his ways and has now dedicated himself to protecting women, unless they are pregnant, then the lump of cells created by the  sacred magic sperm holds rank.
This fool is running against Claire McCaskill for her seat in the Senate. I hope that Missouri votes responsibly in November.


Dear Willard Mittens Romney

Thank you, but I don't need you or anyone like you protecting me or defining for me, what is racism in the United States of America.

I've lived on this planet for some six decades now and believe me, I know racism when I hear it. What Joe Biden said did not come close. It was not racial. It was not a slam against Black people.

Just because a bunch of Black people were in the audience and Biden used the word “chains” in a sentence, does not make it a reference to slavery.

Me thinkst thou doth protest too much, Mitt.  Kind of like straight people who have over the top reactions to gay people. They react in the way they do, because they are gay themselves and having trouble dealing with it.

By the same token, you can spot a racist in the woodpile by the way he reacts to certain situations too.

To date, you haven't reacted to any of the shit that falls daily from the mouth of republicans and teabaggers, in the four years since the Black man ascended to the White House. Shit that is blatantly bigoted, and so obviously offensive that even a two year old alien from another planet can recognize it for what it is.

So please, spare me the bullshit, Mitt. You've written off the Black vote. You've written off women and children. You've written off anybody who is not white, male and rich or married to white male and rich. You don't and never have given a damn about us. So find your balls, dust off your sheets and pointy hat and stand up for what you believe in, whatever that happens to be, since it changes everyday.

Just please, don't insult my intelligence anymore than you already have.


Romney/Ryan's Got a Boner for America

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, two to the manor born rich guys with a hard on for the middle class, senior citizens and poor people. They don't like “we the people” and they have authored, created or supported programs solely designed to destroy us, period.

There is no other way to look at it. Romney/Ryan will be the death of us all, if this ticket makes it to the White House.

For Example:
  1. Privatizing social security-in the Ryan budget
  2. “Fixing” medicare-in the Ryan budget
  3. Destruction of the social safety net for families and the poor-is the Ryan budget
  4. Open warfare on women-in the Ryan budget

By embracing Paul Ryan as his running mate, Mitt Romney has completed his deal with the devil and become the mouth of ultra right conservatives and the tea bag nation. He ensures that he will continue to get the money while the rest of us get shafted.

Fully 3/5th of the proposed cuts in the Ryan budget come from programs that make up the federal safety net to keep poor people surviving, including gutting job training programs, pell grants and food stamps.

Back in the day, that 3/5th number was used to tell slave owners how much of a slave they could count for property and how much was considered human. Poor people are being reduced to less than human, once again, by two clueless rich guys.

Paul Ryan's budget  is so severe that the national organization of Catholic Bishops called the cuts “unjustified and wrong.” In a letter the bishops accused the strict catholic Ryan of shredding “moral obligation” to the poor and needy of this nation. Ryan responded to the bishops by telling them he was merely helping the poor to kick their habit of dependence of the government.

Ryan's method is kind of like taking a two year old and throwing him into the deep end of the pool and walking away, in order to teach him to swim. If he drowns, oh well.

And while the less than rich are dying off, the Romney/Ryan approach would cut taxes even further, showering the upper 1% with even more wealth (29% tax bracket) to sock away in some tax haven in the islands south of America.

As for the war on women, which the GOP says does not exist, ever hear of the “Let women die act?”

HR 358 was a piece of legislation that passed the House by a 252 to 172 vote, with 15 democrats joining republicans in an attempt to get the measure made into law. Paul Ryan, Mitt's newly minted VP choice voted in favor of this bill which would have allowed hospitals to refuse emergency treatment to women in nearly all medical circumstances.  Mitt Romney has now officially signed onto this way of thinking. This of course is in addition to denying any type of preventive health care that women need to stay healthy in the first place.

Romney/Ryan is pro-birth, anti-choice, anti-women's health care in toto.

Romney/Ryan would migrate senior citizens off Medicare as we currently know it and onto a voucher system. This voucher system would give seniors a certain amount of money for their health care, forcing them to negotiate with the insurance companies for benefits and coverage.

The Congressional Budget Office says that 10 years into this program seniors would be paying $6400 more out of pocket then they do now for the very same health care.

It goes on and on. Every line of the Romney/Ryan plan for America is nothing more than a restatement of the fantasy land created by atheist author Ayn Rand in her books which espouse “screw thy neighbor” as her main philosophical outlook.

Ryan has said on the record, Rand was his reason for going into politics in the first place.

Needless to say, Romney/Ryan is anti LGBT everything..against ENDA, against repeal of DADT, against same sex marriage.

Just what we need...the leader of the prick posse teaming up with the playground bully.



Mitt Romney the Great, More like Willard the Pussy

Well, let's see...Willard doesn't want to talk about his record at Bain, despite the fact that he claims to be a gud bid-ness man. And he wants to make his family off limits. And he doesn't want to talk about his record as governor. And, he still refuses to release his tax or financial records.

So what's left, the Salt Lake City Olympics?

The maybe gay kid, he and  his frat boys bullyed in high school?
His missionary work in France?
His reasons for not enlisting to fight in the Vietnam war despite being such a war hawk back in the day?
His recent trip overseas to demonstrate his ability to piss off foreign diplomats while taking talking points from the billionaire casino owner who owns him?

How about we talk about those $5000 Brooks Brothers suits you wear, Mittens? Would that work for you? Is the new car elevator in your summer home a good topic?

Or maybe we can discuss your wife's lame ass dancing horse that bombed in olympic competition last week?

There is a line in everybody's bible which says basically, “you reap what you sow” and what you sow you get back ten fold. Here in the ghetto we say, “don't start nuthin', won't be nuthin.”

You will recall that Romney won the GOP primaries by torching all his opponents-throwing massive and negative ad campaigns against them until they dropped out, one by one. Now he is getting it back. . He figured he would do the same thing to the President to win the election, because “we the people” are stupid like that.

To that end, he's raised more money than the President has beaucoup bucks to scorch Obama. But there is a problem.

There is not much to scorch Obama with. He's been vetted so much that all the new rumors and gossip are coming directly from the National Enquirer, thanks to that fool Jerome Corsi. All of the Romney ads are lies, even republicans are attacking Romney's attacks, calling them lies.

Willard, on the other hand, is apparently as dirty as the day is long. However his major mistake was thinking he could stand before “we the people” in all his white anglo mormon privilege and simply tell us, “no.” I'm not gonna talk about it. NO, I'm not gonna share it with you. NO, I'm not gonna give you the information that is expected when a man or woman runs for president of the United States.

I don't care that Romney is mega rich. But I do care that he doesn't think enough of us to treat “we the people” with respect.

He has the money. He assembled his modern day prick posse of big money bigots and expects to ride off into the sunset with the White House in tow behind one of his Mercedes.

I truly hope we can burst that bubble.

Surely the GOP can do better than Willard Mittens Romney.

Ann Coulter Revisited

I should have just republished this yesterday when Ann the man unleashed her latest nastiness..this was published in June, 2006...the more things change..the more they stay the same...

Ann Coulter: Political Punditry's Paris Hilton

I've spent the past several years ignoring the "one note samba" that is political commentator Ann Coulter.

For those of you who don't know, she is a self described far right wing conservative who hates liberals and just loves her some George Bush.

She's got everyone up in arms this week for attacking four women who lost their husbands in the bombing of the World Trade Centers. Coulter accuses the women of reveling in the deaths of their spouses, using their deaths for political and monetary gain.

Coulter makes these accusations while traveling the talk show circuit to promote her latest book. She also doesn't see any problem with Dubya using 9/11 for his political purpose. Or maybe she just didn't see his campaign ads when he was running for re-election. People as busy as her rarely watch TV and I doubt she's even heard of TIVO.

The reason I ignore her is that she says things to get your goat. Things like, The Emancipation Proclamation should be repealed, she said that. Now I could get ugly, question her parentage and call her all kinds of racist, bitches, but one of us has to show some class and take the high road.

She gets off on the reaction that she draws out, much like a child. She makes illogical statements that she cannot defend, pretending to debate issues. She just repeats the same stuff over and over each time louder and louder, calls names, shouts down her interviewer if he doesn't agree and moves on to another outrageous position.

She does make a lot of money as a public speaker traversing the country, but does anyone take her seriously. I mean yes she says outrageous things but the first thing noted about her in nearly every introduction that I've seen has been that she is blonde, leggy and wears micro-mini skirts. Remind you of anyone?

I hope that when she crawls up on that big stage and stands there to greet her audience in the micro-mini, that she's not wearing patent leather shoes.

We already know she lives in a glass house and it's just a matter of time before it cracks...


Ann Coulter Craps Out Again

You know, I try.  I really, really try not to respond to the crap that comes out of Ann Coulter's mouth, not because I find her thoughts particularly stimulating or intelligent or worthy of more than 2 seconds of my time. She is certainly not worth even one of the words that I choose to put on paper. However, once in a while, when I'm bored....

Coulter lives to provoke people. She says shit for no other reason than to piss you off. That is her only schtick, and I've got to hand it to her, she's been making a damn good living at it for several years, now. Even the media, with its 15 minutes of fame attention span, can't seem to get enough of Ann the man Coulter.

She's like those girls in high school, who are such attention whores that they will say anything or blow anyone to make people notice them. Back in the day, we would simply beat her ass and move on.  But school's out, not that she's noticed and Coulter is obviously stuck in a mean girl time warp. Her tired basic black sleeveless little dress, patent leather pumps, way too long dyed blond Morticia styled hair do and heroin chic make up, just doesn't cut it anymore. Not that it ever did. And that adam's apple, well....

Coulter's latest target is single women...STUPID single women as she put it.

Stupid because we support President Obama rather than Super Stiff, aka Mittens Romney (why do rich white guys always have dumb nicknames like Mittens or Scooter?).

Or maybe we're stupid because most of us single women can't get a date with Jimmy “dyno-mite” Walker (who?).

I am sure glad that I'm gay because if I were straight and Mittens and Dyno-mite were my only choices for male companionship, I'd shoot myself today. Maybe that what's wrong with Ann Coulter. Maybe her choices are so limited that she is taking it out on the rest of us.

No real men want her and neither does any self respecting lesbian. Maybe that's what's wrong with the girl/boy/whatever?

Probably she's just envious of Michelle...uh huh...

Mean girl jealousy, that is usually the reason behind it all...always was..