"Whee Doggies!" Texas Talk for "What the F***!"

I guess New York must be on the White House's Shit List. Yesterday when the federal anti-terror funds were doled out, the Big Apple's cut got sliced by 40% while other cities like Louisville and Omaha (no need for state names, we know where they are) were given a bigger slice of the pie.

I have to go along with NY Mayor Bloomberg. He said and I quote,

"When you stop a terrorist, they have a map of New York City in their pocket. They don't have maps of any of the other 46 places or 45 places (that get funding),"

The feds reasoning for cutting the juice to NY was that there was nothing to protect, no monuments, no financial institutions or cultural icons and institutions that a terrorist might want to destroy in order to make a point. I guess not, since they blew them up the last TWO times they bombed this country.

What the hell is the Statue of Liberty? Oh I forgot, that was a gift from France modeled after a black woman, very low on the totem pole of things that should be remembered and saved. Maybe it would have gotten a better shake if we changed the name from Statue of Liberty to Condi's Lighthouse.

Louisville has the Kentucky Derby a great place to dress up and get smashed on mint juleps once a year. But Omaha? What are they protecting there? The only people who know where Omaha is are white supremacists and Christian identity militias. You can spot a middle eastern terrorist clear across the plain in Omaha long before he can plant his bomb.

Even my city, Cincinnati was given some anti terror money, but not as much as officials were thinking they would get. It's not like terrorists make their way to the Queen City either.

Maybe Cincinnati will put armed guards on the Delta Queen to keep the terrorists from migrating down the Ohio since the feds think they will bypass New York.

I imagine the money will be used by the Police force and Sheriffâ's department for some more toys to misuse on citizens.

A homeland security spokesman, while not being specific about how the funds were disbursed, summed it up this way;

"It's not so much fighting the last war, it's taking in the threat picture today, " he said. "We've got to apply dollars where they will have the greatest impact."

Translation: we put the money where the votes are. Nuff said.
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