Flotsam and Jetsam

Okay, Bush stands up back in 2001 outside the rubble that was once the world trade center and says this country is going after the terrorists by following the money. He promised to cut off the funds that made 9/11 possible. Since that time, periodically this government has issued press releases touting its success at freezing alleged terrorist bank accounts around the world. Dubya and company has been doing exactly what it said, following the money trail and bragging about it openly.

Now, back to the future, last week, the New York Times writes a story about how our government is following the money tracking alleged terrorist funds. but the GOP is calling the report an act of treason and saying that the NYT should be held criminally accountable. Why?

The New York Times didn't break the story. They reported something that was already known, maybe in greater detail, but not something new. In reporter parlance, they fleshed it out a bit. According to reports they even told Dubya and company about the story before hand.

So I say again, what is the problem here?

Looks like another attempt at misdirection away from the important stuff again. I don't care what they try to throw at us, who the gang of W tries to attack.....

It's still the economy, still the war, still the lies, still Osama, still Katrina, still "no child left behind," still the blatant destruction of the American middle class, still social security and medicare, and still the attempts to codify discrimination into law.


The one thing I give the GOP credit for is having a "plan B." Everyone should always have a plan B in case the first plan doesn't work. Despite the fact that the GOP has screwed up so badly these past few years and is looking like it is headed for defeat in the next election, they may just pull it out cause they appear to have a "plan B."

Their Plan B....stealing the election. The 2000 vote was just a practice run in two states, Ohio and Florida. The result in that election has stampeded every state across the country to get rid of the hanging chads and replace paper ballots with touch screen electronic voting.

Problem is, any computer geek with half assed knowledge can now steal the election and alter votes according to a report issued earlier this week by a commission put together to study e-voting in this country. The new e-voting systems going into use don't have a back up paper trail or auditing procedures in place to track and identify potential fraud, if and when it happens. And we all know it's going to happen, sooner rather than later.

What's even more frightening is that many more states have elections officials overseeing the change and subsequent elections just like we have here in Ohio, namely one Kenneth Blackwell. Blackwell is the candidate for governor who has been sabotaging voting in Ohio for the past several years from his current position as Secretary of State, by putting into place quasi legal restrictions that have successfully disenfranchised voters, specifically Black voters.

So don't be surprised come 2008, The fix is already in and the Democrats are still standing around with their collective thumbs up their ass courting evangelicals in the GOP way.
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