24/7 365....All Day, Every Day

I don't know about you but I can't be anything other than what I am. Despite cosmetic possibilities in this day in age, when I shed the makeup and look into the mirror, I'm me. I can't be tall, cause I'm short. I can't be white, cause I'm black. I can't be male, cause I'm female. I can try to be right handed, but I'm not. I can try to be straight, but again I'm not.

Furthermore, I like me just the way I am. Well, almost. I need to lose some of the weight I've gained recently and I'm doing that. I need to get more active and lately I'm doing that too. So overall except for winning the lottery I'm okay.

But I have a problem with being pigeonholed. This is June and June is Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. You hear me? I said MONTH. I'm queer 24/7, 365, so why the hell am I expected to express it only during the month of June? Why should I have to hide my fabulousness for eleven months? Why can't I show it all the time?

Same goes for Black History Month in February. That one really pisses me off. February is the shortest month of all. We Blacks get screwed no matter what. I can't hide my Blackness. I sleep in my Blackness, shower in my Blackness and you're going to tell me I can only celebrate this Mocha Magnificence for 28 out of 365 days? Give me a fuckin' break and pardon me for not joining this party.

I even like my age...55 going on 56...for all you ageist muthafuckas who have a problem with middle aged/old people. I can do everything I used to do in my 20s. Some things are even better than in my 20s. Maybe not as fast and sometimes with a little more pain in the joints, but I can do them.

The only thing different about me is my growing impatience with stupidity and immaturity and a decided lack of tolerance for intolerance of other's differences.

So, yes I'm going to enjoy LGBT Pride this month and read an extra Black- authored book next February to celebrate my Specialness.

But if I feel any fabulousness creeping out in July and August, I'm going to let it happen.

Now, go home and leave me alone!
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