Deja Vu All Over Again


They didn't have any weapons, no explosives, no vehicles, not even a slingshot.

They hung out in and around a warehouse somewhere in a Miami Florida ghetto, wearing black, standing guard and saying prayers.

They did express anger at America....wanted to blow it up starting with the Sears Tower in Chicago.

Apparently they tried to contact Usama Bin Laden and even swore allegiance to him.

They met this dude, let him into their group and who apparently promised the hook up with Al Qaeda but who turned out to be a fed snitch. They allegedly told him their desires and asked for 50,000-dollars to fund this jihad on America.

Does any of this sound familiar to anyone else besides me, who happens to be over the age of 21?

Does anyone remember the alphabet of the 60's and early 70's.... COINTELPRO? FBI? SDS? SNCC? SLA? BLF? BP?

This shit played out 30 years ago, only the government was hunting Black folks not Arabs. We've been thru this.

When something goes down in this country this government still looks for the nigger in the woodpile not the white boy hiding in the bush with the AK-47.

Yes the Towers were knocked down by Saudi Arabians (our allies), but the only other building blown up like that was done by a white American guy named Timothy.

We have home grown terrorist cells in this country. They are called Militias. They openly express their hatred of America and Americans of Color (any color but white). They are all over the country. They are organized, well armed and vocal.

So why is no one arresting them? Oh! I forgot they tried. Remember Ruby Ridge? Militia people shoot back and FBI guys get killed. Don't want to do that. Can't rely on that same shitty kevlar they've sent overseas with our kids on the front lines in Iraq.

I guess it's better to go after the kooky dashiki-less militants in black....non-meat eating, Muslim...marchin'....loud talkin'... trust anybody, soldiers of the ghetto..hanging out in the warehouse...with no means to accomplish anything, much less a revolution.

Makes a damn good photo op and gives lot's of publicity to this government's bogus war on terrorism.
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