Having your Chocolate and Eating it too

Nestle, the big chocolate candy company is buying Jenny Craig, the giant diet company. If ever there was a case of playing both sides of the fence, this is one of them.

Nestle is reportedly paying 600-million dollars for the firm and will add it to its "functional food" line up. Does that mean my Nestle's crunch bar will now come in diet chocolate form?

Works for me.

I can just see it now, the Jenny Craig Nestle's Crunch bar coming to a supermarket near you.

I don't consider myself a chocoholic except during certain times of the month when I willingly eat anything including the wallpaper off the walls, but I would love to incorporate diet chocolate bars into my personal and ongoing battle with the junk in my trunk.

After all, if God wanted everyone to be anorexic and miserable, she would have never invented food.
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