Smoke, Mirrors and a Whole Lot of Bull****

Dubya the number one compassionate conservative is planning another push to write discrimination into the Constitution. In his radio address today he plans to bamboozle his conservative followers by telling them he really, really, really believes that marriage should only be between a man and a woman and that furthermore it should be law.

The amendment is scheduled to be voted on next week in the Senate. It is largely ceremonial since even if approved, it can't get the three fourth state's votes necessary to make it into the Constitution. But that's not going to stop them from trying. Dubya says it's not politics just heart felt conviction on his part.

Bullshit! The polls show he has lost his conservative base and is once again trying to wake them up so they will vote for all those minor GOP politicos standing on his coat tail in the upcoming mid term elections.

Witness Ohio Congressman Steve Chabot who's half heartedly trying to push Dubya away. Chabot's quoted in the Cincinnati Enquirer as saying he's disagreed with President on a couple of issues. That may well be true, but Stevie you voted WITH him 89% of the time. Give me a break. If Dubya says "jump" you say "how high" Please, go sit down. Better yet, trim that fringe you call hair.

Bush and his conservative base are bigots, plain and simple. These pseudo-Christians follow the teachings of the Bible only when it suits them. The only threat to marriage in this country is the heterosexual divorce rate which is hovering at 60%. Instead of worrying about what gays and lesbians are doing, how about dealing with the very real problems of the divorce/adultery rate in this country among straights.

Last time I looked the ban on adultery was still a part of the Ten Commandments and the TC was still a part of the Bible (go find the story of Moses, for those of you have never read the Bible or seen the movie). And if you believe the Bible, it also says "let him who is without sin cast the first stone." That is real compassion, and why compassionate conservative remains an alliterative oxymoron.

To paraphrase a former President IT'S STILL THE ECONOMY, STUPID!"

It's still the illegal war on Iraq. It's still the lies that got us into Iraq. It's the needless deaths of our young soldiers in the military.

It's inflation. It's sky high gasoline. It's tax breaks that only benefit the rich. It's out of control corporate America. It's no health care. It's failing Social Security.

It's the phony war on terrorism. It's the inability to help our own people following the devastation of the past hurricane season.

It's immigration and the failure to deal with it realistically.

There are indications that even Dick Cheney the shadow president has differences on this issue. He is allowing his Lesbian daughter to speak out finally, even if he hasn't spoken himself.

First Wife Laura also apparently has problems with this amendment considering some of her utterings lately. She is quoted by FOX News as saying that same sex marriage should not be used as a campaign tool.

Ya listenin' Dubya?
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