What's good for the Goose.........

Talk about hypocritical, Mexico has no right to talk when it comes to illegals in this country or theirs. Mexicans, Hispanics in this country, and those sympathetic to the plight of illegals in America have roundly criticized the US government for calling out the national guard to patrol our southern borders.

Well, let me tell ya, Mexico routinely has thousands of troops patrolling its southern border in a massive effort to keep Central Americans from crossing the border to work. President Vincente Fox called out the troops more than five years ago. In addition, since 1974 sneaking into Mexico is a criminal offense punishable by two years in prison.

And sympathizers want to scream at us? For the past several years Fox has been lobbying the US to upgrade the status of illegals here, read that amnesty, while his own government has granted legal status to only 15,000 plus illegals in Mexico.

Central Americans who work in Mexico live in the worst conditions, doing back breaking labor for $ 3.60 a day on the big coffee plantations. And guess what the plantation owners said when questioned as to why they don't hire Mexicans for the job.

The bosses said,"You can't depend on Mexicans. They don't work hard; they're irresponsible."

Sound familiar? The truth is just like in America, corporate can abuse the illegals because they are illegal. If they fuss, you can send em back to where they came from.

Now if the government will only get real on how much an additional 40 million people is going to cost us taxpayers.
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