Red Rover, Red Rover, Will Someone Please Come Over

You know, sometimes you have to go home and by that I mean you have to go back to where you came from and look at how you used to deal with situations in order to find the right solution. When I was a kid and some one said nasty things about a friend of mine, I was ready to jump into their ass to defend my friend, cause I knew my friend wasn't like that. I didn't worry about the consequences of my actions or my words. I was just about protecting my friend's back as I knew she would protect mine and together, I knew we would prevail. We were friends because we had things and beliefs in common.

So as I listen to today's political conversation, I am asking, "who has John Murtha's back?" He's still a Democrat isn't he? That's his "gang" isn't it? So why doesn't somebody, anybody step forward to stand alongside this man? Why are Howard and John and Hilary and even Bill letting this man take all the heat? Isn't he saying exactly what they believe, too?

I mean, I'm getting all kinds of emails asking me for money and to sign this petition and that petition. But I don't see anyone else in the gang acting like they really want to fight for what they say they believe in.

It's gotten so ugly that even the mini me that is Karl Rove is taking direct aim at Congressman Murtha, calling him out by name. Rove is that guy in high school who hung out with the big man on campus mopping up the sloppy seconds cause he couldn't get it on his own, paying for the privilege by doing the big guy's hatchet work so the big guy could keep his hands clean.

Murtha's not lying about the war in Iraq or making up stories about this White House and this President. Furthermore, if you believe the polls, the majority of Americans agree with him. Hell, he sounds more like my representative than the one who represents me.

If Murtha were running for President, I'd vote for him. He has been the only honest politician I've seen in a number of years. And we all know that the term "honest politician" is another one of those oxymorons, just like "compassionate conservatism."

Murtha is absolutely correct to say that what we have here is governance by arrogance or policy wrapped up in illusion.

So why are the other Democrats standing clear? Are they afraid of being tainted? Are they afraid the gang of Karl, Don, Dick and Dubya might come after them again? Do they think they can win the next election by being nice, agreeable and invisible?

There is nothing politically correct about politics. I keep waiting for some real throw down from the Democrats. But at this rate, I may be waiting a long time.

In fact, why don't I just start my own political party. I could get more done, that's for sure.

Anyone want to vote for a short black woman with a bad attitude toward the status quo?
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