F***ed Again

If that nut in North Korea who wants to fire missiles at the US needs some help with his aim then I've got the perfect target for him. I'd like to point him in the direction of Capitol Hill. One well placed missile would go a long way in stopping the silliness that passes for government in this country.

Think of how much money we could save as taxpayers if we didn't have to pay congress or put up with their automatic annual pay raises. They give themselves 3,300-dollars yearly and have been doing it since 1996. They decided to make it automatic so that if we taxpayers get pissed about it, they can honestly say to us constituents that they didn't vote for it.

Talk about games.

And today comes word that they have once again refused to vote an increase in the minimum wage after quietly okaying their annual increase last week. I guess poor folks don't need money. The minimum wage has been the same since 1996, but Congress has given itself seven raises during that same time.

Poor folks get 5.15 per hour which works out to little more then 10-thousand dollars a year. Congress makes in the area of 168-thousand dollars a year. Now if you compare congressional salary to the average CEO then you could say congressmen are getting screwed too, because the average CEO in this country makes 42,000 dollars per day. But that's food for thought for another day.

The reasoning behind the "no" vote is that raising the minimum wage would hurt businesses and small businesses in particular, say Republicans. According to the GOP, poor folks can't make more money cause business owners would be forced to eliminate some of their jobs in order to keep up with the pay hike for others.

So for poor people it's a no win situation. So take your five dollars an hour and be quiet about it. Bullshit ! We're talking a one dollar raise, not 3000-dollars.

Voodoo economics is alive and well and in practice in America.

Can Congress be impeached? Recalled maybe?
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