"Holy Muff-diving" Batman, Batwoman's gay too!

(originally published May 31, 2006)

Maybe it's just me but I always thought Batman and Robin were a gay couple. I mean c'mon, Bruce Wayne is a filthy rich white man who keeps a penniless young man named Robin as his ward. They live in this humongous mansion taken care of by a male butler named Alfred. Toogether they don tight latex suits and fight crime all night every night and you never see either one of them with women. Seems like business as usual in boystown to me.

Now comes word that Batwoman has been resurrected (she was killed off in 1979) as a rich dyke who loves the ladies. But she has typical lesbian issues. She apparently still hasn't come out to her parents yet. But I'm sure her brother knows, if she has one. Boy that's a bummer. Imagine running thru the mansion changing all the photos and artwork after finding out mommy and daddy are coming over for a chat. Still with a big house it is easier to stash the girlfriend and to hide the fact that the two of 'em are sleeping in the same bed.

It's all part of an effort by DC Comics to diversify the comic book universe which has been lilly white and straight for almost all of it's existence. Oh, there have been black superheroes with names like Black Panther or Storm of X-men fame. But they were marginalized just like in real life sometimes. Except for Storm, she's kicking ass on the big screen in X-men III in case you haven't seen it yet. Please go, it's worth the price of the ticket. In addition to Batwoman, DC Comics is also adding Latinos to the line up.

According to a story in the New York Daily News, some comic book geeks who inhabit the internet are grumbling about Batwoman's change in sexuality, as if they could get with her when she was straight. I think being a lesbian makes her a more interesting wet dream. Don't straight guys love dreaming about women together anyway? Now they have the possibility of seeing their fantasy in color.

Now if we can just get Wonder Woman to kick open that closet door. Man what a power couple that would be.

Casting my vote for WW...
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