Standing by your man

Watching Secretary of State Condolezza Rice spin her web of plausibility around this current White House makes me wonder, how she sleeps at night. How does she face herself in the mirror after spending her day alibiing this Administration. An administration that is arguably the worst since Richard Nixon pushing Ronald Reagan into third place on the best of the worst list. 

Everyday brings another lie to light and still she sits there, or stands there with a plausible, reasoned justification for the lawlessness that is passing for governance in this country. Of all the White House staff, she stands alone as seemingly incorruptible by the surrounding corruption, honest in the sea of lies that never end.

Her job is to sell this country's policies to the rest of world. Surely she must see the untenable position she has taken. Or is she getting a pass because she is a woman and a black one at that, doing the best she can by standing by her man.

Colin Powell got out. Condolezza should have followed him. She should have gone back to academia or to the NFL, since that's where she truly wants to be, if you believe the reports or words from her own lips.

Today she offered yet another alteration of the reasons why America invaded Iraq. Tomorrow it will be something else. Doesn't matter. When Dubya wants to lend absolute credibility to his talks he drags out Condolezza or his wife Laura to make it seem more truthful. They stand by him while he cowers behind their skirts.
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