Immigration: A Conversation between the Ruling Class and its Gardeners

If every Black American stood up and decided to take the day off from work or school in order to participate in a protest against the racial politics of this country, would anyone notice? Would corporate America or small business pat us on the back and say "go for it" your job will be here when you get back tomorrow? Would any Congressman, including Black ones, allow themselves to be arrested in support of eradicating the problems that plague Black America on a daily basis?

I think not.

The question of immigration reform is a conversation between the ruling class in America and one of it's favored subclasses. The ruling class in America comes from immigrant stock. Today's conversation is merely about helping one's own. Black people and Native Americans do not have a featured part in this scenario.

Black and Native Americans are the only people who did not immigrate to this country and have long been viewed differently by the ruling class. We have yet to outlive our perceived identity of being loud, vulgar, oversexed, shiftless and lazy. It seems we don't help our own preferring to abandon our people to the mercy of the federal government handout programs.

There is an old saying in the Black community, if you want to hurt a white man...hit him in his wallet...or make him a poor man. Immigrants, both legal and illegal work in the jobs that won't necessarily hurt "the man" financially, but will inconvenience him tremendously. Immigrants do yard work, clean house, take care of the kids, provide the 12 to 14 hour a day labor necessary to keep the ruling class supplied with fruit and vegetables or wash dishes in their upscale casinos and restaurants. Immigrants do all the jobs that are and always have been denied to Blacks since the end of slavery.

The perpetual myth that Blacks won't take that kind of work is ludicrous. When slavery ended, the ruling class, not wanting to rub elbows with it's former property, and forced to pay for labor it previously had for free encouraged Blacks to leave the south, sometimes by shotgun. By laboring for nearly nothing, immigrants provide a constant, nearly free labor pool that fuels corporate America. And as a reward, immigrants are viewed as hardworking, religious, family oriented and willing to sacrifice in order to help their own people.

Most importantly, immigrants tend to vote conservatively and en mass, a privilege fought for and now seemingly abandoned by Blacks.

Here in the 21st century Blacks can't really hurt "the man" in his pocketbook. He long ago abandoned his house and business in the city. He long ago pulled his kids out of the public school system taking his money with him. He's even given up his strangle hold on city governments opting instead to control county governments.

Showing up in his neighborhoods, even when you can afford the house makes him run even further. The first perception being that Blacks are up to no good and that if Blacks do own the house then it will soon be turned into a crack den.
Nearly 50% of Black men are unemployed, considered unemployable and therefore not counted, or are incarcerated.

The school dropout rates of young Blacks, both male and female approaches 60% in some school districts. Blacks are disappearing from college campuses due in part to the attacks to overturn affirmative action programs. Black on Black violence is simply another form of genocide perpetrated by us on us. Unplanned pregnancies feed more bodies into the ongoing cycle of family killing poverty that originated with the federal welfare system, so many years ago.

Black women are 14 times more likely to contract and die from AIDS than white women according to the latest study. Nobody votes. You can find Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton at the immigration protests jumping at photo ops.

The Black ministers are hiding out in their glass cathedrals preaching the doctrine of wealth building. Would anyone noticed if we took the day off to protest?

I think not.
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