Honorable War, An Oxymoron if there ever was one

Details of what happened at Haditha are just beginning to break. The incident happened last November 2005 in Iraq. According to reports, one of our marines died in a bomb attack. In an effort to root out who set off the bomb, the dead marine's brothers in arms went on a killing spree, during which at least 24 civilians were killed, including several women and children and a 77-year-old man, none of them armed.

The incident has been reported upon a couple of times since it happened. There was even a quickly opened probe and just as quickly closed military investigation. But now, the pictures are showing up and other soldiers privy to the alleged cover up, are stepping forward to talk. Congressman, officials at the Pentagon, and the talking heads on television are expressing surprise and outrage over the fact that innocent people may have died and that America's reputation hangs in the balance due to the alleged actions of a few over stressed young people. My question is why? Why is anyone surprised at this latest incident?

It's not the first time soldiers have snapped, think back to Vietnam and the My Lai massacre. There have been others, not as well documented, perhaps. But atrocities in war happen. War itself is an atrocity. Do we Americans think that only the other guy butchers and kills civilians?

Do we Americans think our soldiers are so well trained and well mannered and so honorable that they would never stoop to commit such horrible acts? If that were the case then why do so many Vets come back physically but not mentally able to deal with what they encountered.

Face it people. Our front line in this illegal police action on terrorism is being manned for the most part by the army reserve. Most of whom signed up to get an education and maybe twice a month play war games, not to go war for real, leaving their homes and families to rid Iraq of its dictator and bring Democracy to the Middle East. They were basically sent in under equipped and ill prepared for what they are being forced to face. Is it any wonder that some of them, yes even marines, may have lost it?
They are fighting for their lives first and foremost. Survival is what counts. These young kids wake up everyday wondering if this will be their last sunrise. And we expect them to be honorable in all situations? Honor is for old men and generals who never have to fight the wars they start.

The Pentagon is now investigating, The White House is now looking into the matter. Congress has found its voice and is calling for justice. Many soldiers will probably be court martialed for their actions. They will be made scape goats and this latest chapter on this immoral war will be closed. What should actually happen, won't, meaning Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and every other congressional SOB who green lighted this illegal war should be impeached and sent to that maximum security hell hole out west to live out their days watching videos of what they allowed to happen on their watch.

This was never an honorable situation, just more evidence that the American people are allowing themselves to be led by dishonorable men.
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