Enquirer, Blackwell joined at the hip

If there was any doubt in anyone’s mind that the Cincinnati Enquirer was nothing more than a Republican Party Newsletter, that doubt was erased this morning with its endorsement of Ken Blackwell for Governor of Ohio.

The Enquirer admitted that Blackwell is a slease ball...that he has no integrity...that the more honorable candidate is Ted Strickland...yet they endorse Blackwell over Strickland.

Every other newspaper is this state has endorsed Strickland. One newspaper actually endorsed Blackwell and took it back because of his underhanded, vile and vicious tactics used against his opponent. The entire nation has been appalled by what has been coming out of Blackwell's mouth. Even Dubya called him a "nut."

But the mighty Enquirer rails against injustice...it rails against the detractors of Cincinnati, saying the city has changed...it is not racist...it is a good place to live for all people, it says.

Then it turns around and endorses the status quo. Cincinnati has long been the considered the laughing stock of this nation. I guarantee you, that will not change with this endorsement.

So what is this? Does endorsing a black man make the Enquirer look like it’s doing the right thing? That it is looking past color to make a just and correct decision?

This is the same newspaper that just last week took poet Nikki Giovanni to task for calling Blackwell a “political whore.” They slammed her last week, and slammed Blackwell today. But then endorsed him one paragraph later. Go figure.

Tell me who’s the whore now?

I have lived in Cincinnati nearly all my life and it has always, always gone with the republican candidate, no matter what.

The Enquirer has never been a voice of the people. It has proven today that it never will be. The people have spoken.

But it is once again obvious that the Enquirer is not listening.
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